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5 Ways Top YouTubers Grow Their Channel
5 Ways Top YouTubers Grow Their Channel

Many people are saying it is too late to start a YouTube channel, but that’s not true. In a 2017 research, YouTube announced that there are 75% more channels with over 1 million subscribers than the year before. So while there are more competitions on the platform, the channels that are of quality are rising to the top.

It is most certainly not impossible or too late to start on YouTube, but from watching the most popular YouTubers get to those marks of 1 million, 10 million, and 25 million subscribers, we can see that certain actions are rewarded by having the YouTube algorithm give you more exposure on the front page, in search results, and on suggested videos.

Start In A Niche

If you are creating one video about gaming one day and a video about cooking the other day, it will be hard to grow an audience, because you don’t have any consistency. People like to know what they are signing up for. Unless you have a wonderfully entertaining personality, it is going to be hard to attract an audience without at first finding an engaged following in one specific niche. Remember, even PewDiePie started in a niche: gaming.

Upload Frequently

Great YouTubers make a lot of videos. They treat it like a full-time job and they commit to a strict schedule. If you want to succeed on this platform you will need to have the same discipline as those video creators. After all, in order to understand how you can improve, you must start doing. Don’t be a perfectionist. Give yourself a time limit and then when it’s up, upload it and move to the next video.

Keep Viewers Attention

You are never going to grow your channel if you can’t get your audience to watch your video. You might think everything you create is great or you might think everything you make is awful. Here’s the truth, it’s neither as good as bad as you think it is. Go into your YouTube analytics and take a look at how you can improve your videos to keep audience retention. This is something most popular YouTubers do at the very start to understand how their audience response.

Do Collaborations

The top YouTubers are not siloed off, they spend time building a network and making connections with other creators in or around their niche. Doing collaborations is a fantastic way to grow a channel as it gives you exposure to an audience that might not have found you otherwise. It can also be a way of giving back and helping a newer YouTube channel get to the next level.  

Jump On Trending Topics

If the top YouTubers aren’t starting trends they are leveraging it in their videos. That’s the great thing about YouTube, everybody can put in their two cents about any situation and start a conversation. Popular YouTubers are aware of their influence and know when there is a right time to chime in and let their audience know how they feel about a certain topic. You too can contribute to the conversation.
In this infographic, from Filmora.io, you will see details and resources on how the most popular YouTubers become successful.

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