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Importance of Transparency in News Reporting
Importance of Transparency in News Reporting

There can be no argument that the media is more influential today than ever before. Millions of Americans look to the media to learn about and understand the events taking place in our country. Unfortunately, across the board, there is a stark difference in the reporting that comes from media platforms that are often heavily slanted in the direction of one party or opinion. This is mainly due to the interpretation of the Constitution and the values of those reporting. 

Considering that the majority of people are under educated about the Constitution and historical precedence, the wrong kind of reporting can cause confusion, frustration and, as we have seen in recent months, a sort of sheep mentality that can be dangerous to the foundation of our country.

Syndicated Columnist, Andrew Napolitano understands the importance of being clear and direct while reporting a story. His years as a judge and contributor to numerous publications have provided readers and listeners with straightforward, factual information. His contributions to coverage of events that affect the lives of millions are grounded in law, legal precedent and truth, the gold standard of reporting.

Sensationalism and ratings grabs when reporting the news have become the new norm in many mainstream outlets, morphing into an entertainment of sorts as viewers watch and wait to see who will make the next move. This leaves the facts mired in a soup of hyperbole and instead of a clear fact based understanding of the events, viewers and listeners are left in more of an emotional state than a clarifying one.

Andrew Napolitano‘s experience as a judge in the N.J. The Superior Court has given him the background of law, a deep Constitutional understanding and his opinions are backed by those and legal precedent that he believes would lay the groundwork for future decisions.

Although sometimes unpopular because they go against the mainstream ideas, these opinions are consistent and his readers and listeners can count on clear and direct reporting of the facts, events, and their impact on the lives of the people. Upholding the standards of reporting by not only presenting facts accurately but also portraying the whole story factually are the key to this kind of concise news reporting. This is the standard that you can expect from his clear and direct reporting of the events as they present themselves.

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