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Looking to Improve Your Social Media Marketing? Here’s How
Looking to Improve Your Social Media Marketing? Here’s How

You can never truly know everything there is to know about social media marketing because it changes so frequently. New trends come to light, new influencers emerge, a better way of posting crops up and you may feel overwhelmed trying to keep a firm grasp on everything. The key fact to remember is simply to be aware of change, keep up with the market and be fluid in your social media marketing campaign in order to always embrace the changes. 

When you’re not used to social media, utilizing it for your business can be a daunting idea, but it’s essential that you get to grips with it as soon as you can. 

Here’s how you can improve your social media marketing strategy overall. 

Let Qualifications and Studies Help You to Learn More

Various degrees can help you to learn more about a wide range of skills which are applicable to social media, including creative skills and communication skills. Qualifications such as associate of arts allows you learn more about cross-culture communication, as well as providing a strong foundation for a variety of skillsets.

Social media is about reaching out to a large spectrum of individuals, therefore learning how to communicate better is key to social media marketing. 

Embrace Multi-Channels

There may be one social media platform which works best for your kind of business, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect every other channel. Getting to know all social media platforms and learning about their audience and capabilities gives you more of a chance to reach out to more people. 

Ensure that you’re focusing on the following platforms and are savvy to the expected tone and posts applicable to that particular platform. While it’s important to always present your business in a professional way, and a manner which rightly reflects its tone and register (such as a playful, colloquial tone if that best reflects your business service or product), you should also adapt to the various platforms. 

  • Twitter – use of relevant hashtags needed for posts, and posts should be short and punchy. Twitter also favors use of media, such as photos or videos, and a more relaxed tone may be more favored.
  • Facebook – more freedom to write longer and more informative posts, but you should also make use of media and tagging capabilities.
  • Instagram – focuses primarily on photos and media content, but you do have the freedom to write long captions in the description box. 
  • LinkedIn – this is a primarily professional network; therefore, it is tailored to more professional and salesy posts. You should use other platforms to post relaxed content and media and save LinkedIn for professional networking. 

Reach Out to Influencers 

Utilizing influencer marketing is very effective through social media, especially through Instagram. Sometimes all it takes is an influencer wearing, displaying or promoting your product for their devoted fanbase to want to make a purchase.

90% of marketers in a recent study confirmed that they use campaign engagement to measure success

These influencer marketing statistics show that marketing strategies are placing a lot of focus on using influencers and promoting better engagement.  

Influencers may be able to reach a lot more people than you are able to or may have access to a bigger group within your desired market. It’s possible to achieve what an influencer achieves through hard work and promoting your products yourself – which of course you should be doing anyway – but investing in influencer marketing is an extremely helpful sideline which can help you reach more people in a shorter amount of time. 

Respond to Any Activity, Comments or Conversations as Quickly as Possible 

It’s easy for posts to get swept up in a barrage of other content. While your post might appear at the top of the page, a quick refresh may mean it’s easily disappeared in a matter of seconds. 

With individuals who comment, share or engage with your posts, it’s best to interact with them as soon as possible while you have their attention. They could easily forget about your post or their comment through continued browsing, and you may make more of an impact if you respond at the right time. 

This is best achieved through setting up alerts and notifications every time your audience interacts with your posts. You should designate a person to manage social media and these notifications to ensure that they are responded to promptly. Catching a consumer while they are still online after they have commented also makes it more likely to strike up a conversation and engage in a better way. 

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