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Media Coverage of Philanthropy: Shlomo Rechnitz
Media Coverage of Philanthropy: Shlomo Rechnitz

While many continue having a negative view of the media – and in particular, difficulty trusting the way it covers political issues, there are certain elements of its coverage that the media deserves to be commended for. In a world filled with negativity, there is indeed a need for the media to shine a light on the commission of positive and good deeds. Particularly through the darkness the Coronavirus has created, uplifting stories of generosity and the innate urge in certain people to lend a helping hand to the needy, is something that deserves to be highlighted.

Shlomo Rechnitz and his unique philanthropic gestures over the years are great examples of stories that the media rightfully lent coverage to. The consequences of such coverage can indeed be positive in a myriad of different ways. First and foremost, it’s no secret that our nation’s youth consume inordinate amounts of television and spend considerable time browsing the web.

It’s also no secret that there are sadly a lack of role models that our youth can turn to in society. For that reason, positioning accomplished philanthropists and their particular acts of generosity in the limelight is something so important. Indeed our nation’s youth are impressionable; and while there are those out there who could qualify as positive role models for them, those people rarely get the recognition they deserve.

In many ways the story of Shlomo Rechnitz personifies not only the American dream, but also what we educate our children to do with whatever professional and financial success they may achieve. Through innovation and creativity, Rechnitz successfully created numerous American businesses that have afforded thousands of people employment opportunities. Beyond that, he has given back to his community in a multitude of different ways.

Over the years those in the media who have covered his acts of philanthropy deserve plaudits, even while doing so against Rechnitz’s wishes. Ensuring that members of the youth demographic have a role model like Rechnitz they can seek to emulate, is indeed a public service.

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