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SME-TV: Indiconews Adds Depth To Citizen Journalism
SME-TV: Indiconews Adds Depth To Citizen Journalism
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

On my recent journey to London, England, I had a moment to meet and chat with Lizzie Hodgson, the founder and CEO of Indiconews, a citizen journalism site that is beginning to take hold and grow in the United Kingdom. Indiconews differs a bit from many of the other civic journalist sites in some unique ways, including the fact Hodgson is building a database of interview opportunities for her site users, connecting the dots between citizen journalists and politicians, newsmakers and the like.

We sat down for an episode of SME-TV on the morning of my arrival in England.

Since Lizzie and I chatted, Indiconews had a nice pick-up. Site citizen reporter ASidwell’s original coverage of large chain coffee store Costa Coffee coming to the town of Whitstable, England, which is populated with several locally owned shops, was picked up by several national newspapers, including the Daily Mail and Telegraph, and even a local television station. Congratulations to Lizzie and Indiconews for the exposure. It’s yet another feather in the cap of citizen journalism and proof that yes, we the masses, can break the news.

For more on Indiconews, check out their site at

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