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10 Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid
10 Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Launching an app is not easy, but it can be less stressful if you know the major marketing pitfalls to avoid. Appstore now has millions of apps available for download. This means that there are plenty of mistakes you can learn from. Mistakes that people have already made. Learn more about them and avoid them at all costs.

On our end, we’ve compiled a list of the common mistakes you shouldn’t do and divided them into two categories. The launch of your application has two stages: pre-launch and post-launch. These are the two different realities you’ll have to deal with in the mobile app development UK market. Make sure you’re ready to fight through the complications you may face in both of these worlds. Our post will become your guiding map in this.

Pre-launch pitfalls

One of the most stressful periods of the mobile app launching is the ‘pre-launch’ stage. You’re still not at the finish line, so you’ve got to count in every single aspect of your future app success and give all you have to secure the launch.

Mistake #1: Starting to work on marketing strategy too late

One of the most popular mistakes is to leave marketing for later. ‘We’ll work on that after the app is released,’ they say. Well, they’re wrong. Marketing strategy is as essential to have before you launch your mobile app. You’ve got to know what channels of marketing you’ll use, how you’re going to engage your users, and what will be your promo campaign about.

Mistake #2: Not doing proper market research

Doing your market research is everything. If you neglect to do a deep enough research, you may get yourself an application that no one will actually need. With that being said, your app will not have a successful life.

Mistake #3: Not investing in ASO (Appstore Optimization)

Appstore optimization is as crucial as SEO for any project that aims to success. Use the necessary keywords, make a research on the appstore users’ search intent, and optimize your app description to fit it.

Mistake #4: Not setting the app release date in advance

This mistake can not only happen in mobile app development but any project of any niche. Your app release date should be planned in prior and should be a #1 aspect affecting your deadlines and marketing goals.

Mistake #5: Not concentrating on features

Don’t forget that marketing is not the only fundamental thing in your project. Bring great features and simply bring value to your users. Work on your app and release something meaningful and powerful.

Post-launch pitfalls

What you do after your app is launched is just as important as the preparations you’ve already done. The finish line is close; let’s smartly do this!

Mistake #6: Not measuring your results and not making any adjustments

No matter what social media platforms or communication channels you’ve chosen, you’ve got to review the user engagement data and how people interact with your app, brand, and accounts.

Keep reviewing the post-launch analytics and make the necessary adjustments according to the users’ feedback. This is a general rule of thumb.

Mistake #7: Not running any promotions

Promoting your app = helping people find your app and install it. This means that without a marketing budget, AdWords campaigns, and in-appstore advertising, it will be super hard to get great results.

Work on promotions, sales, and social media campaigns to put your app on a spotlight.

Mistake #8: Not personalizing your app review pitch email

Let’s face it — it’s essential to get app reviews to keep your mobile application in the trending area of appstore. In 2019, people love personalized and humanized brand interactions. Don’t send them cold emails asking for a review. Encourage them to do that with your personalized emails.

Mistake #9: Not encouraging to share and like

Speaking of encouraging your users to do something — do you know how to ask them to like and share your app? People tend to forget that user-generated content (UGC) can boost the brand awareness of your app drastically. Make sure you give your user a hint on how they can share and like your app, how they can tell their friends how exciting your application is.

Mistake #10: Not providing proper customer service

Customer service of any mobile app should resolve clients’ problems fast and provide them with the best customer experience on the market to stand out. Don’t neglect users’ possible issues with your application and become their guide to their most exciting customer service experience. This will be a great plus to your app’s karma.


There are plenty of mistakes that you can do while working on your app release. We’ve provided you with the top ten list, but it’s up to you to make sure you don’t make them and lose a chance to deliver. We hope you take those to consideration and do your homework!

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