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Modern Trends in Social Media App Development
Modern Trends in Social Media App Development

How many apps does an average person have on their smartphone now? A safe guess would be around 5-10, but an even better estimation would be 15 or more. In a world where a global connection is necessary, and convenience and facility in daily life are a priority, countless social media apps have become essential to the 21st-century user. This trend only brings a bigger concern for app developers: what are the best and most used social media apps? Experts from have prepared a brief introduction to trends in social media app development to guide you through the topic. 

Comply with Industry Standards 

Only having a fantastic kick-start idea is not enough to compete with hundreds of existing apps. Thus, it’s vital to conduct social media application development in compliance with the highest industry standards and quality requirements. Any new social app is expected to go through the following development stages: 

  • App idea evaluation (extensive research to confirm that there is a potential market for the idea); 
  • Prototype (testing of the app with real customers);
  • Innovation development (tailored solutions to beat other strong application services);
  • Project launch (the technical team is overseeing the launch of the app and available to resolve any issues). 

Follow the Best 

Among hundreds of apps, it´s challenging to create something “outside the box.” Even more difficult is making it a top contender. But don´t worry, having a clear idea of the app and a bit of investigation can give your app crucial advantages.

So, what is the best social media app? It’s no secret that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few of the many commonly used social network apps that have been there for quite some time. Don’t fear being taken under by the big dogs; instead, make it a personal goal to reach their level and learn by their examples.  

Create Great Content 

Here are some tips for creating app content that users will love: 

  • Study your competitors. Knowing virtually everything about current, popular social media networks helps app developers see what people like and what´s effective. Check out the 24 best social media apps of 2019 to follow their examples. 
  • Find a common purpose. Take note of what the top apps have in common. Is it photos, videos, ability to interact, travel? Take a peek at the statistics of app download and usage of 2019 to get a clearer idea of what users rave about. 
  • Usability. Users want an easy way to navigate around the app. Simple is best, making it user-friendly to all generations. 
  • Potential for growth. What are the chances of surviving an app for instructions to fix a typewriter? Regardless of the time, chances are slim to none. Unfortunately, creating an app for a momentary trend or problem doesn’t prove sustainable or financially appealing. Thus, before investing in app development, think of its adaptability, not only in navigation but in content, too. 

Choose the Purpose Wisely 

An intriguing and relatable purpose is what will attract users to the app. To successfully develop and grow the newest social networks, you can make use of a list of what social media apps thrive on:

  • World-wide connection/ Contact. People and even businesses want to feel connected with the world or at least have the option to do so. Make sure to offer chat services or messaging platforms. It will also help users feel more connected with the app, thus increasing their activity.
  • Share and tell. How many apps are solely for sharing pictures and videos? Allow for users to personalize their accounts and share their life experiences. The options are endless!
  • Daily life. Think about universal activities that everybody does, such as eat, sleep, rest, and work, just to name a few. There is a huge market for apps that track, control and improve those everyday life routines. 

All in all, social media app development doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time. Research extensively, use the advice and guidance given by software engineers, test the app frequently, and most importantly, make it universal, practical, and engaging.  It might sound like a lot of loopholes, but the time and hard work spent on app development will prove helpful and enjoyable to an eager technological world. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start! 

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