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The PR Guide To Media & Blogger Personalities
The PR Guide To Media & Blogger Personalities

Pitching media and bloggers, especially if you don’t have an existing relationship, can be intimidating. You have something that may be relevant for them. You don’t want to interrupt or bother them. And you certainly don’t want to do something in your approach that turns them off to you completely.

Knowing as much as you can about the person in question helps. You can snoop on their social networks, see what they’ve written about recently and perhaps even comment and engage with them lightly before you pitch – all good ideas. But until you get them to respond or pick up the phone, the one thing you don’t know is their true personality.

BuzzStream and Fractl have actually partnered to research and review top-tier editors from 11 different topic verticals and come up with a neat, if superficial, review of the personality types you’ll encounter when pitching various media. The insights are interesting. Among them,

  • Automotive editors don’t care unless it’s something new, want statistical comparisons between older models and whatever new thing you’re pitching and, if you’re citing research or some such item, it needs to be exciting or controversial.
  • Finance editors are typically very well educated and experienced journalists with high ethical standards. So, in a sweet deposit of irony, don’t offer to pay them. Heh.
  • Food editors want high quality images. Without them, you’ll be ignored. They’re much more inclined to want highly personalized pitches, too.
  • Travel editors like to be surprised and fascinated. Videos and lists of an area’s highlights are good tricks here.
  • Health editors are typically very specialized. Make sure you know who you’re pitching what to. The nutritionists won’t care about your kidney thing.
  • News editors want to break stories and have exclusives. And they’re unfortunately more and more liberal or conservative. Know which side of the aisle you’re talking to.
  • Lifestyle and Tech editors are over-pitched. Keep it short and to the point and highly relevant or don’t bother.

Here’s the presentation BuzzStream and Fractl put together with all of the insights:

via The 11 personalities

So, I’m curious, for those of you who pitch, do these insights ring true? No? What are your experiences and what are some unique characteristics you see in certain verticals. The comments, as always, are yours.

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