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The New SEO Toolbar for Firefox
The New SEO Toolbar for Firefox
David Finch
David Finch

One of the most natural and organic ways to generate traffic to your website is through search engine optimization or SEO. After optimizing your website via search friendly coding and content that is produced with specific keyword strategies, you’ll want to monitor how your site is performing.

If you’re at all interested in how your site and others are optimized through search, you need to download The SEO Toolbar from Aaron Wall of

Yesterday, Aaron released the latest version of the SEO Toolbar and I downloaded it almost as soon as it was released. I spent the evening checking it out and think it’s definitely a tool you should consider adding to your toolbox.

When Aaron began working on the release of the latest toolbar, his motivation behind the release was driven by what he calls the complexity of SEO:

“The SEO game is getting more complex, and it is requiring more effort to keep up with the changes. More and more tools are being released. Some are worth buying, some are not. The idea of this toolbar was to put the best competitive research data and the best SEO research tools at your fingertips – free of charge.

This tool was designed to make it easier to evaluate how strong a competing website is. The SEO Toolbar pulls in many useful marketing data points to make it easy get a more holistic view of the competitive landscape of a market right from your browser. In addition to pulling in useful marketing data this toolbar also provides links to the data sources so you can dig deeper into the data.”

SEO Toolbar

In the latest release of the toolbar, the new SEO Toolbar features:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Links to the Domain
  • Page Links
  • Directory Links
  • Site Age
  • Monthly Unique
  • Estimated Traffic Value

Another very useful feature are the Competitive Research Tools. This feature allows you to monitor data from sites such as:

  • – A site that provides competitive metrics for every site on the web.
  • – A site that offers information about web traffic
  • Google Trends for Websites
  • – Another site that provides website statistics.
  • SEM Rush – A search marketing research tool.

One of the most incredible component of the toolbar is the ability to research keywords right from your browser. Not only are you able to research keywords, but the toolbar allows your to gather research from twelve different research tools.

There are also some additional tools within the toolbar that I found to be extremely useful. In addition to allowing you to compare the statistics up to five different websites, it also has built in:

  • Rank Checker – A tool that let’s you know where your site ranks within the search results.
  • SEO X-Ray – This tool helps you find out what the page optimization looks like.

Keep in mind that this Toolbar is a Firefox add-on. So if you don’t have Firefox you’ll need to download that first before downloading the SEO Toolbar.

Here’s the Download Link. [SEO TOOLBAR]

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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David Finch
  • It’s a great tool but sometimes things like this got me thinking how something like unique visits per month, site value, etc affects your SEO? Same with twitter links, etc

    There are some great data there, like links, but you can extract that from se’s within few secons instead of installing yet another app to flood your toolbar. Also, how often you check that? Like few times only, when starting to do seo for your new/client site to check who’s in top.

    It’s like having vistas cpu load gadhet in the right side… Good for 1 time but not for daily usage.

  • Good post. Thanks for information., I liked this post.

  • The newest version of the mozbar includes a SERP overlay, additional metrics, the ability to surf like a search engine, and a ton more.

  • The newest version of the mozbar includes a SERP overlay, additional metrics, the ability to surf like a search engine, and a ton more.

  • Install the SEO Toolbar on your Firefox browser. Gain a competitive advantage. This extension also will periodically update when we add new features.

  • You can change its location easily from the … page rank buttons on the toolbar and to open all new windows in a new tab instead. … SEO Toolbar

  • Norton blocking this tool

    is there a problem?

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  • You are spot on in your comments and promotion of this product, I love SEO Xray when working on my own site research or that for a client the instant information is so valuable.

  • Hello Craig,
    Thanks for the comment! I know at first it does seem a little overwhelming, but if you start experimenting with it, you find that it's pretty simple to use.

    When I downloaded it, I started by checking out the competitive and the keyword research tools. As far as improvements, I'll wait until I've spent a little more time on it.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks David for this find. I am trying to do research for my site against competitors and I just DL this toolbar to assist. Sounds like it has a lot to offer, but a little intimidating at first. Any recommendations on where to start first and what to learn first with it? Also, I was curious what you thought it might have lacked and that they could improve upon in the future.


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