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5 Actionable SEO techniques that work in 2019
5 Actionable SEO techniques that work in 2019

Figure 1 SEO techniques of 2019

5 Actionable SEO techniques that work in 2019

As technology advances, SEO techniques have moved to the next level in 2019. More and more websites are being launched, and more business owners are adapting to different SEO techniques. To keep up with the competition and the dynamic needs and demands of the audience online, you also need to explore the latest and most efficient SEO methods on your website. Here are actionable SEO techniques of 2019 that will work for you:

Titles and meta descriptions

Long as this technique has been in practice, in 2019, it is a game changer. The levels of your traffic have a lot to do with the click-through rates you receive for your posts. Therefore, titles and meta descriptions are a big deal. They are instrumental in improving the click-through rates, as long as they are attention-grabbing. Even new websites are easily getting away with this secret, by ensuring that they have an attractive web page title and a small description to go along with it.

The trick for the best titles and descriptions is to use your target keywords, without stuffing them. Ensure that they convey a clear message, luring your target audience to click on your posts. Also, ensure you align them with search intent. This way, as people are looking for information through particular search terms, they will find your site relevant to their needs and intents.

Mobile-friendly websites

If you think technology has not yet affected your business, think again. Mobile users have taken over the internet by storm. The access to the internet globally is more than it has ever been, with most of the traffic coming from mobile users.

In light of this, mobile-friendly websites are the new normal. If your site is not convenient for the mobile audience, then it means it leaves out the larger population of the internet, which is a loss for you. The amount of bounce rates you will experience will be very high, enough to attract you a penalty from Google.

Long-form content

Content is the indomitable King, and there is no escaping from this fact in matters of SEO. Quality content supersedes seasonal content done annually and can bring in more than double the returns if well done.

As website owners struggle with creating content for their sites, the technique is taking a shift from short-form material to long-form content. Lengthy articles may strike you as an added responsibility, but they are worth every hassle. For one, they allow the audience to stay on your site for a longer time than they otherwise would. More to it, they provide people with a lot more scope on the subject matter, which makes your brand more reputable and credible.

Pro tip: take your time with long-form content so that it is not dull and repetitive.

Voice search is taking center stage

Again, technology has presented a new front, that is, voice search. Voice search technology is changing how SEO is being practiced in 2019, accounting for quite a significant share of the online searches on Google. The technology has become quite prevalent thanks to mobile phones. For this reason, the demand for voice search optimization is catching on with website owners. To get there, ensure your website loads very fast, and your content takes the long format, for voice search optimization.

Business Directories for SEO:
Business listings play a huge role for the reputation, ranking, and revenue. They are basically an online listing where you can store your business information, such as name, phone number, address, etc. Listing your business in directories will help with creating more awareness about the business and create links which indirectly helps with the SEO. However, you need to make sure that you’re using quality listing like InCityLife.com to get the best results.

Video SEO

Another perk of mobile technology is the prominence of video-based content. Thanks to social media platforms, sharing of video content has become easier than ever. Website owners are tapping into this space by creating videos for their websites and joining different social media channels to help promote their video-based content.

Notice that a lot of website owners today, have incorporated videos on their landing pages. Some use them as alternatives to text-based content, and others as the original posts. Whichever you opt for, ensure that you do not force your audience into consuming the video content. Let them have the options to watch or not watch the video. Other than that, make sure they are fun, fresh, relevant, and of high quality.
SEO has considerably evolved over the years. As it continues to advance, website owners must be vigilant to stay up-to-date with any trends that will benefit their visibility and ranking. Visit https://serpbook.com/blog/keyword-ranking-tracker/ to learn more about ranking your website on top through keyword ranking.

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