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Do You Need an SEO Website Audit?
Do You Need an SEO Website Audit?

As search engines, such as Google, continue to change how they look for and return search results, the world of search engine optimization changes. Search engines no longer just hunt for keywords. They want to return results that provide the user with more authoritative value and better user experience.

Is your site up to date with these new requirements?

A website audit can help you keep up to date with search engine’s ever-changing rules. Here are some things to check for.

1. How Does Your Site Perform?

One thing a website SEO audit will check is your site’s architecture and load speed. Pinterest reported that when they decreased the user’s wait time, it resulted in a 15% perfect increase in SEO traffic and conversion rate to sign up.

They will also confirm whether your site optimized for SEO by using the right tags in headers and on images. Or if pages are returning 400-errors. And whether your meta descriptions are appropriate and effective.

Check your site’s performance on mobile devices and tablets. As well as the ability of your users to easily navigate on your site.

2. Does Your Site Have Quality Links?

An SEO website audit will check the quality of your links. Your anchor text needs to be appropriately worded within your webpage and appropriately related to the content on the outbound URL.

Your outbound links need to be checked to confirm they point to sites that are trustworthy, authoritative and have not been broken. Your backlinks also need to be checked to make sure they are coming from sites that are high quality and non-toxic. 

3. Is Your Site Secure? 

Confirming a website is secure should be on every website audit checklist. You will need to check for vulnerabilities in your own site’s security.  

This also includes making sure any personally identifiable information you are collecting about your website’s users is stored to prevent it from becoming compromised. An SEO agency can make this process easier by running programs that search for rouge tags you may not be aware of on your site.

4. What is Your Competition Doing?

Your website audit template should compare your website to what your competition is doing. This process can help you find out if you have content gaps you need to fill to help you rank higher than your competition for valuable keywords or geographical areas. You can also garner insights on how they are marketing their business that can help you determine how best to position your brand.

Set Up Your Website Audit Today

Results from a website audit can help point you to changes you can make to make your site rank better in search engines and help you compete with your competition. So don’t delay. Get your site audited today.

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