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Four easy ways to improve your Google ranking
Four easy ways to improve your Google ranking

One of the absolute truths about the internet is that if want your website to be easily discovered then you must rank highly on a Google organic search page. Quite simply, if you are not on the first page, and realistically, not at the top of that first page, then you are going to miss out on traffic and lose out to your competitors. So how do you get to the top of the page, and more importantly, stay there? Ultimately it is all about SEO, and there are a lot of tricks to ensure that when Google crawls your site that it likes what it sees. Here are a few simple tips.

Keep it fresh

Search Engine Optimisation is all about fresh content and original content. So, make sure that your site has the scope to be updated regularly. A blog is part of the site is a great way to help with this. It allows you to publish thought-leading opinion and original insights on subjects that are relevant to what you do. It must absolutely not be a place for random ramblings – it needs to be focussed and relevant and it needs to be in your own words. Copying from other sites is never going to work and you will end up being punished for reproducing other people’s copy.

Make use of links

Google is very fond of linking and it gives great weight to sites that are referenced by other platforms where the domain authority is high. As such if you can get a site like Sydney Morning Herald or the BBC to reference your site you will end up scoring massively. Even going onto the comment sections of these sites and leaving your URL in a relevant comment can help. Mentions on Wikipedia can also be very helpful.

Do the background analysis

There is a lot to be said about getting an expert in to look at the technology and backend that underpins your site. SEO is not just about what the public sees, it is also about the behind the scenes stuff and having a professional perform an audit of this is often very useful. They will look at things like URL structures and meta-data and they will advise on what changes need to be made to be as relevant and easy to find for the Google spiders as possible.

Mobile matters

The Google algorithms have changed extensively over time and one of the most noticeable ways in which they have changed is the increasing importance that they bestow on mobile accessibility. It is absolutely vital that your site is optimized for this platform. Significantly more than 50 percent of all web users access the internet through a mobile device. And because the results that Google returns to factor in both relevance and user experience, sites that do not render properly on mobile are severely punished. Unless your site is very old and in need of an upgrade, it will probably be fine, but there is no harm checking and it could easily form part of the audit that the experts mentioned above perform.   

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