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Social SEO: Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking?
Social SEO: Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking?

Imagine the impact on your website by combining the marketing qualities of social SEO? It’s something you need to discover.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of inbound marketing strategy. On the other hand, social media connects people, giving you a wide platform to perform your marketing activities.

At first glance, you may not think there’s a connection between social media and SEO strategies. Can you rank higher with social SEO? Read on so as to find out.

Social Media and SEO

Social media has an impact on SEO. The more interaction and social engagement that your platforms have, the higher the ranking that your site will have on the search engine.

Backlinks shared via the social media posts lead to a higher ranking for your site. The links to social media sites are treated just like other site links by Google. Therefore, it is important that you engage in social media marketing, as this is also considered in the social media optimization (SMO) algorithm.

Google also pushes companies that do not engage in marketing further down the SEO ranking. Bing is second to Google when it comes to being the most-used search engine. They have clearly stated that they consider the social presence that a company has and look at the number of their following and followers.

Benefits of SEO

A customer may be searching for a product or service that you provide and a quick online search will give them the results. The top-ranked results will be among their first considerations when they are to make a decision. SEO has a high return on investment and the following are some of the ways in which you can benefit:

  • SEO helps in increasing the visibility of your brand by having a higher rank in the search engine. If you do a quick search of a company, it is likely that their social media profiles will appear amongst the top results.
  • Trust is built when your brand comes up after the customer searches using the keywords, and your site comes up as a top result.
  • SEO has relatively low costs, compared to AdWords and PPC. More traffic is also brought about by the SEO efforts and you do not have to pay per click.
  • There is usually an increase in traffic whenever you put in the effort to do SEO.
  • The effects of SEO are long-lasting. Unlike adverts whereby you get no exposure when you stop paying, it is not easy to have a top search rank taken away. What you would have to do is maintaining that position.

Social Media Integration

Every company knows the importance of an integrated marketing communication strategy. With the increased use of social media and the impact it has on branding companies, it is important to have social media integration.

In case an activity happens on Facebook or Twitter, Google does pick that up and the social media websites are returned to the search results. Do not be left out while your competitors are engaging in SEO. You would also want to be seen as a top choice by your target audience.

The use of quality content, SEO and public relations (PR) can be merged to achieve maximum results. The traffic shall lead to sales and you can maintain a good relationship and reputation by easily passing and receiving messages from the customers. The content you share can be used to engage, educate or inform the customers.

SEO and social media both have the same goals, which include: increasing traffic and conversion rates, building brand visibility, bypassing competition, and bringing more customers. Therefore, if you run a plumbing business, you will have to combine SEO and social media in plumber advertising to stand out from the rest.

In case you need expert assistance, you can hire the services of a digital marketing agency. This will not be considered as a blunder because the cost will enable you to get good results. There may be many plumbers and growing your business with SEO will help you achieve great results.

Facebook SEO

Facebook is the most-visited social media site. The techniques that you can apply to increase the ranking on your page on Facebook and other search engines include:

  • Using the best Facebook page name.
  • Using a vanity URL, which will help you boost your Facebook SEO.
  • Placing the keywords in strategic places, such as the ‘About’ section of the page.
  • Optimizing the Facebook page status updates for SEO
  • Including your local/ physical address. Most businesses include their address and the map that shows clear directions. Google takes into consideration the extent to which companies share information to customers and this helps in boosting the search ranking.
  • Include links and plug-ins to your Facebook page. This increases the credibility of your company and also boosts both your website and Facebook page.
  • Add links of your site on your Facebook page.

How to Use Social SEO to Increase Your Rankings

There is an undeniable relation between social media and SEO ranking. Their combined use is what is currently being referred to as social SEO.

You would not want to be that marketer or company who constantly spams the inbox, timelines or feeds of your target audience. You have to communicate effectively and efficiently. To have a successful impact, maximize social SEO by doing the following:

  • Focus on the quality of your posts. You need to provide a cue to your audience and quantity is not how to do it. Flooding their timeline may lead to them ignoring, blocking or unfollowing you. Content is king and if you plan your posts well, you shall rise higher in the search engine results.
  • Use paid promotion to boost your SEO efforts. Compared to organic promotions, paid promotions have a wider reach and impact.
  • Include links in your social posts as they also send ranking signals to the web pages.

Social SEO Is a Perfect Marketing Tool

Social SEO is continually on a steady rise and the dynamics now make it be considered as the new marketing tool.

If you would like to engage further on how to boost business, read through our blog for more guidelines.

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