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The Future of Search: Your SEO To-Do List by 2020
The Future of Search: Your SEO To-Do List by 2020

Technology is always on the continuous verge of innovation and changes. If you are a marketer, you know how it feels to be always on the heels of catching up with the latest updates and the essential changes that might drive sales force away from your business. Often, it’s the business along with its people that dictates the success of their marketing efforts. Adaptability and flexibility are crucial for an ever-evolving plaster of the search engine optimization. In this article, we’ll be discussing what you need to know regarding the future of SEO and what aspects you need to focus on your strategies this upcoming 2020.

SEO Evolvement: Focus on Content with Value

In this portion, we’ll be discussing the old SEO and the present SEO for an eye-opening situation. Before, everyone is on the hype of having their website on the top of a search engine’s ranking. Moreover, SEO efforts were focused on the overall webpage and dumping of single keywords. Now, SEO relies on how the target consumer interacts with a particular product, service or brand. Plus, the return on investment is always monitored in terms of sales and revenues gathered for the intended period. At these times, focus on relevant and compelling content. Emphasis on content that provides informational value or those that will help a website user to solve their concerns or answer their queries. Moreover, using video content is even better, as it captures more attention, increases engagement, boosts sales and builds trust towards your brand.

The Use of Gated Content to Obtain Customer Leads

Another SEO tactic that marketers rely on is the use of gated content for generating customer leads. In a nutshell, gated materials are content or information that requires users/consumers to fill in their data (name, address, profession, email address and more) as an exchange. Most of the time, content includes, but is not limited to case studies, product demos, e-books, videos, and white papers. Marketers rely on this strategy to attain leads that are valuable for sending materials like promotional videos and newsletters. However, just like any other method, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Make sure to weigh them out properly and identify if your content is desirable enough for users to key in their information just to obtain it.

Integration of Chatbots for an Optimized Customer Service

The most magnanimous innovation there is in the realm of technology is the integration of artificial intelligence into a machine that helps stimulate human-like responses. For companies that want to up the ante of their marketing game, chatbots are the way to go. Chatbots are considered artificial intelligence software that most businesses utilize as a means of responding to customer inquiries through communication channels like messaging applications, mobile apps, websites and even on the telephone. These chatbots can be likened to human interaction since they respond in a natural, user-friendly language as a replacement for the human workforce.

Promotion of Content on Social Media

With the help of various social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a business is always updated with what’s new and what’s hot when it comes to the choice of the people. This is the reason why most marketers promote content on social media. Publishing it through social media becomes a free yet effective tool for visibility and brand recognition. Aside from relying on search engines for providing answers and relevant content to users, promoting on social media drives organic reach to your website or online shop. The next time you publish content for your business or organization, don’t forget to plug it in your social media avenues for added visibility.

Importance of Snippets that Act as Windows for Your Business

Along with other digital marketing strategies that we have mentioned in this article, snippets are one way to boost traffic and online visibility. Ever see the small portion in Google search results that immediately answers consumer questions? Those are what you call featured snippets. When a customer searches for the best restaurant in Los Angeles, the one on the top of the search engine’s result will display a snippet that includes location, operating hours and photos for additional information.

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Hosting HTML Files from a CDN

Unto the more technical part of technology lies the utilization of a CDN. A Content Delivery Network can be likened to compiled servers in a specific location on the planet that aims to deliver static content to end consumers. You can learn more about how you can optimize its use on other materials that delve into the matter deeply.

There is always more to do and improve when it comes to tackling search engine optimization and marketing efforts in general. Some of the ones that are not mentioned here involve making a free tool that end-users will benefit from. It is not enough to be aware of these strategies, and you have to adapt and incorporate it into your promotional efforts for a maximize

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