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Tips From An Expert On How To Create SEO Optimized Articles
Tips From An Expert On How To Create SEO Optimized Articles

Content generation is a key element of any internet marketing campaign. If you want to market your business online, you need to have a website and post useful information for your customers regularly. When coming up with content for your site, most people look at the quality and relevance of the articles and forget about optimizing them for SEO. Well, the articles on your pages have an impact on how you rank on the search engines, and you need to structure them well. How do you optimize them?

Luckily, we have prepared some tips from on how to create SEO optimized articles that will boost your rankings while still offering useful information to your visitors. Read on and find out more;

Use The Right Keywords

When setting up your SEO strategy, you need to do it based on a set of keywords that your customers will most probably use when looking for what you have in store. When creating content, ensure that you use these keywords in them as they can determine whether your content will rank or not. Start off by doing a thorough keyword research to determine what your customers use when searching and include them in your articles. Note that you should start from the easy keywords and then move up from there. You can come across several tools on the web that will help you to plan your keyword use and help you record the number of searches made for s particular keyword in a specific period.

People are becoming more specific with their search queries and sticking to the short keywords that were being used a couple of years back should be avoided. Once you have identified the set of main keywords that will be used on your content, try and come up with variations of the same so that you increase the chances of ranking highly. These variations are known as Latent Semantic Indexing, and they do not only help with the rankings but also give the searchbots an idea of what your website is all about. When putting keywords in your content, ensure that they appear naturally and do not exceed a density of about three percent as it would be spammy and hurt your rankings.


The length of your article has some impact on your SEO. It has been seen that long content generally performs better than short ones and your posts should range between 1400 to 2000 words. Posts that are longer than this should also be avoided as no one has the time to read through a very long post. How is the length beneficial? Well, this is a challenging thing when writing the articles since you have to strike a balance and find the optimal length that will keep an internet user on your site for some time without making them too bored to read the entire thing. Having people to spend more time on your site can boost your rankings as time on site is regarded as a very strong metric used to determine rankings.

It is challenging to keep people on your site and your posts should be interesting and informative, as only this can keep an impatient internet user on your site. Writing shorter posts is easier, but longer ones pay off. A long post will be more informative, and you should structure the content in a way that an internet user can get all the information they need about that topic on the single article. Therefore, rather than writing four or five 400 word articles, condense all the ideas and come up with a longer one.

Use Catchy Descriptions

If you want your articles to boost your SEO rankings, ensure that you describe them in a way that an internet user will be burning to check out the information contained there. This will increase the click through rate of your content, something that Googles takes seriously when ranking pages. The sites that appear on top of the results are the ones that get the most click-through rates, and if people always have the urge to check out what your content is all about, your rankings will increase. When coming up with the meta titles and descriptions, you could use some modifiers such as the numeral numbers and catchy words such as ultimate and the best. However, do not come up with descriptions that are too long but try and capture the whole idea of what the article is all about in a few words.

Cross Link Your Content

Linking your articles to high authority sites and previous pieces you might have written will reduce your bounce rates and create a stronger relationship with your followers. Ensure that all the sites your articles are linked with belong in the same niche, or else it will appear fishy. Linking your content will prompt people to check out what you have been writing if they are interested in what they see and this will increase your click-through rates and boost your rankings.

When connecting your content, ensure that you create backlinks for that particular post. If you search for anything on Google and look at the top results, you will see that they have a robust backlink profile. This is a strong ranking factor and can help to boost your SEO. You can get backlinks by guest posting on authority sites and having bloggers link your articles.

Structure The Content Well

When creating an SEO optimized article, do not write it with no plan in mind. The article should have a clear outline, and it should start with the introduction, through the body all the way to the conclusion. It is advisable to use headings as they are useful for readability purposes. They also allow Google to get the main topics of a lengthy post and help to rank it even if a keyword query is concerned with a part of the post. Subheadings will help your readers to find their way through the articles and get the information they want quickly. You could also make use of signal words such as first of all, secondly and finally to give readers an idea of the article’s structure.

The tips needed to create an SEO optimized article that Google will love have been highlighted. Follow them to the latter when creating content for your website and you will see your rankings increase with time.

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