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What is Search Engine Optimization?
What is Search Engine Optimization?

The creation of the Internet has paved the way for the world to become more interconnected as it has helped communication, irrespective of geographical locations, become easier. In fact, the internet is now the preferred medium of communication of people. Virtually everyone uses the internet nowadays. Whether it is for watching the news, ordering food, shopping for clothes, interacting with friends, paying for bills; all those can now be done conveniently online. Some people say that the internet has made the world smaller. According to them, the internet has broken barriers to communication between countries and people. A virtual world behind monitors and smartphones has been created where people can interact and have access to unlimited opportunities. The net has indeed completely revolutionized the world like nothing before. 

The internet, short for interconnected network, is the system of computer networks that links devices from all over the world by using the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). It is a network of private, public, business, and government networks that contain a wide range of information resources. Visit the following site to know more about what is the internet: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/2419/internet.   

The web is a network where people can exchange, upload, and download data via mass media. Aside from providing an avenue for communication, it has given people an easier access to information. Information dissemination has become so much easier. People can now find the information they are looking for in seconds. The net has been the number one source of information for people in recent years. It has made reading books and newspapers close to becoming obsolete. People rely more on the internet as far as looking for information is concerned. The internet contains an unlimited amount of valuable information.   

Search Engines

Search engines are software systems that allow people to look for data throughout the World Wide Web. These websites execute a search for content in a systematic way for specific information indicated in a textual web query. Search results are referred to as search engine results pages or SERPs. Results may generate a mix of links, websites, images, videos, files, articles, and other types of online resources. These engines use a unique algorithm to arrange online resources based on their relevance to keywords input by a searcher. Currently, the most popular engines are Google and Bing. Visit this link to know more about search engines. 

Search engines normally generate millions of results. Currently, there are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet.  If you are a website owner, you’d want your website on the top part of the search engine results page. But with millions of websites with similar content to yours on the World Wide Web, it is quite difficult to get your website on the most relevant page. Based on observations, 94 percent of searchers only browse through the first page of the results list. If your website is not in the most relevant portion of the results, then it is far-fetched that people will open your page. However, there is a way to give your website more relevance.

Search Engine Optimization   

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of attracting more traffic to a website. It is the process of adding relevance to a website by increasing its visibility on search engine services. SEO is done by optimizing target keywords and key phrases and creating backlinks that originate from other sources to a site. If the websites used as backlinks are legitimate, the more positive effect it has on the relevance rank of a site. There are SEO companies like High Johnson Internet Media that does SEO for people who find it hassle to do it themselves. 

SEO has become one of the most common marketing strategies for businessmen and marketers at present. A lot of people turn to this because it is a relatively cheaper way of advertising. Unlike traditional ways of advertisements, which are temporary, pages that link to their website will stay on the internet, thereby continuing to give traffic to their webpage.

In doing business it is very important to keep up with the new trend. Capitalizing and utilizing people’s propensity to adapt to the new change is a smart strategy. In a time where people have become so dependent on the web, doing SEO or hiring an SEO company to do it seems like a sensible move. 

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