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Dear Portland …
Dear Portland …

Explore Portland is this week! And I can’t wait to see everyone. I’ll be in the fine state of Oregon tomorrow evening, visiting Eugene on Wednesday, back to attend the SMC PDX kickoff party on Wednesday night and then Explore Portland Thursday and Friday.

I want you to come! And it would be easy to sit here and write down how awesome the event is going to be and that you don’t want to miss it and so on, but I thought I’d just turn on the camera and tell you instead.

More info on the full event, including a printable agenda, can be found on the Explore Portland Page. Full descriptions of the talks can be found on the Explore Portland Topics Page.

Don’t wait! (Catering needs a head count!) Register right here and use the Promotional Code ILOVESME to get $200 off, just for being a reader/follower/watcher. And thank you!

See you this week, Oregon!

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