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How To Promote Your Company At A Conference That Will Help Increase Social Media Followers
How To Promote Your Company At A Conference That Will Help Increase Social Media Followers

A conference where everything goes right as far as meetings and pitches can completely change the trajectory of a small or large business. The concentration of people in the same industry hardly ever surpasses that of a conference. For this reason this can be the perfect way to build a social media following comprised of a company’s target demographic. For custom business cards or brochures visit as this can be a great way to get followers if the social media accounts are listed on them. This allows the social media team drum up leads rather than post to a group of followers that have no intention of engaging with the account. The following are tactics that will help a company promote their social media accounts at their next industry conference.

Engage With Other Attendees Before and During Conference

Most conferences have a hashtag so it can be quite easy to see who is on their way or who will be leaving to attend the conference in the coming days. This can be a great time to set meetings or even just to banter with others in the industry. Attendees will start following you and if you have been to the conference before give new attendees tips. These tips can lead them to follow you to see if you have any other tips throughout the conference. Conferences can be intimidating for some so quelling these fears via social media can help with the first impression your company is making

Flyers With Account Names/Special Offers

Flyers at your booth at the conference can be another way to drum up social media followers. Offering a discount for a follow and a retweet can be enough to garner quite a few followers if your services are highly sought after. The worst thing that you can do is to have poorly printed flyers done as this reflects negatively on your company. A company that cannot afford to have printing done correctly is not a company that many would trust with their most important projects.

Scavenger Hunt With A Prize

Setting up some kind of scavenger hunt where people have to visit certain locations or have pictures taken with certain people can be quite a bit of fun for participants. Releasing the clues via social media will garner a follow of all of those that are involved. Keep hashtagging both the conference as well as your own custom hashtag as this can encourage those to participate. Each day can have a different hunt so make sure to schedule out the clues accordingly!

Comment On Presentations/Write About Lessons Learned

Commenting and quoting presenters can be a good way to spark conversation with those at the conference and those following what is being said there. Often times at conferences certain presentations can have a huge impact on the way work is done in an industry. With all of the technological advances there is going to be far more data in presentations as collecting has become imperative in nearly every niche of business.

Growing your business’ social media following at a conference can be done with the above tips. Conferences are extremely important in having your brand recognized so put your best foot forward.  

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