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Shalom Lamm on Housing Social Media
Shalom Lamm on Housing Social Media

As the applications found on our devices become more and more specific to our brand and needs, it’s hard to imagine that now social media controls the housing market. The million-dollar app, Zillow, allows people to search an area in-depth to find their perfect home. Even professional realtors like Shalom Lamm couldn’t have expected a large number of users this app would reach. 

Zillow has done remarkably well for the little advertising it’s done. It ranks number one on the app store and according to Shalom’s Personal Blog, it will remain that way for quite sometimes. The app designers and creators made Zillow into almost a monopoly. No other app like this existed thus, it helped circulate momentum around the development. Lamm says realtors can be directly connected to a person after interest in a property is shown. Then, a profile will come up for the user and the realtor can start making sales. Zillow even offers time slots for home visits or meetings. Shalom says he wished that the app was invented when he first started in the realtor business because it would’ve saved him a lot of trouble. 

Advertising can be very costly when it comes to rebranding something. If a realtor company is struggling and needs to get more sales, they might try designing logos, reaching new markets, and having lower prices. With Zillow, none of that had to happen because the consumers weren’t necessarily house-hunters. According to Lamm, a large percentage of app users are actually people who are just bored. They look at million-dollar mansions or expensive condos in the area because they just want to snoop. Lamm believes it’s human nature but that’s one of the reasons Zillow is so successful. Whenever a company taps into psychological aspects that make them money, it’s almost a guaranteed clement. 

It certainly is great to see the housing market be so successful amidst the pandemic. With people having immediate access to what houses are for sale, it’s a lot easier to recommend the app to others. On Ambit Success, Shalom makes it clear that in order to be profitable in the housing market, one must know how to advertise properly. Marketing the business by sharing the app through word of mouth is very important. Lamm states that Zillow is so successful because of how much people genuinely enjoy the app. By having a couple or family looking for a home together, it makes it much more enjoyable. Shalom Lamm has been caught saying that it is more of a social media then it is a housing application. Even if the app still exists on someone’s phone, untouched or unused, it still collects data. That data can be sold to other platforms and then they can come up with campaigns that market the user better. It’s all very complex but the developers are doing their best to get engagement on the app, no matter the person’s interest.According to LinkedIn, Shalom Lamm gained his knowledge of business development through his non-profit. Of course, he is a well-established realtor who used marketing techniques that world on buyers for years. But how did he become so knowledgeable on social media? Luckily, Lamm is one of the only people who try to stay ahead of the game. He is a lax person but is a very good businessman. That’s why investing in companies like Zillow right when they first debuted was of interest to him. He believes that the housing market will soon have to be controlled solely through social media. As online developments grow, l fewer people are going to interact. Thus, more platforms like Zillow will occur. It’s very important that those developers stay ahead of the times and continue egregiously working to connect people closer together instead of farther apart. Apps like these will end up being a monopoly, which no realtor ever wants to see. Will the housing market be online only one day? Are houses going to be filled with robots that do virtual tours? Only the experts can comment and we will soon find out.

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