Reader Poll: What Book Should Jason Falls Write
Reader Poll: What Book Should Jason Write
Reader Poll: What Book Should Jason Write

I can assure you this is little more than a lark, but I’d love to hear what you have to say. I’ve been approached a couple times about writing a book and have never felt the need or desire to do such. Still, the idea is intriguing, though I wouldn’t want to write just another social media marketing book.

So take a gander at the poll question below and tell me what  you think. What should I write about, if I were to do so at all? Philosophy, practical/tactical stuff, overall marketing philosophy, not about social media at all, pulp fiction, non-fiction about my crazy family? Love to hear  your feedback.

And if you think I’m generally full of shit and shouldn’t write a book, I left an “Other” choice for you. Rock on!

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