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5 Career Choices for 2020 Graduates
5 Career Choices for 2020 Graduates

If you are in your
final year at university, you will already be looking at potential careers, and
if you chose your subjects well, you should have quite a few career options
ahead. Here are a few top professions that will be in great demand in the
coming years, in no particular order.

  1. Web
    – If you
    majored in computer science, you can embark on a great career as a web
    developer. This might include website design, social media marketing,
    cyber-security or even app design, which is very much in demand at present, and
    front-end developers are at the high end of the pay scale.
  2. Digital
    – Let’s face it,
    the words ‘digital and marketing’ are already inseparable, and by specialising
    in search engine optimisation (SEO), you can help businesses to achieve higher
    rankings within a Google search. If you are looking for a career that is
    stable, SEO is a great choice, although you will have to keep up with the rapid
    pace of development, which means the playing field is constantly changing.
  3. Scientific
    Research & Development

    – The field of R&D offers the science minded learners a great opportunity
    to learn more about their chosen field. There happens to be one very
    well-respected American international school in Bangkok that excels in the sciences and many of
    their students go onto become chemists or physicists working in their chosen
    industry. The Nano industry is blossoming, and with 3d printing technology,
    this is indeed an exciting time to enter the career arena.
  4. Tourism
    & Hospitality
    – No
    matter how digital the world becomes, people will still take vacations, and in
    a country like Thailand, over 50m people visit annually, so there are many
    exciting opportunities in tourism & hospitality industries. The south of
    Thailand is home to many 5-star luxury hotels and resorts, all of which require
    quality employees, and if you graduate in this field, you can expect to walk
    into an assistant manager’s position, and in a few years, you could be running
    the facility.
  5. Health
    & Medicine
    – We will
    always need doctors and nurses, and with Nano technology coming into play, the
    modern doctor or surgeon would incorporate AI into their work. Thailand, for
    example, is a global hub for medical treatment, with some of the best hospitals
    in the world located in Bangkok. If you are not doctor material, why not
    consider the administrative side, or perhaps Human Resources – another
    essential for the industry.

It is essential
that you plan your career from an early age, and make sure you do some thorough
research into your chosen career, in order that you can make an informed
decision when the time comes. If you are studying in an international school,
make sure you consult with your in-house careers officer, who is there to offer
students assistance in all aspects of choosing a career, and with their expert
guidance, you will make all the right choices and enjoy a rewarding career.

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