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10 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for 2022
10 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for 2022

Social media is changing. Even though it may seem like there are always new social media features and trends, you may experiment with them to find new ways to engage your audience. You can check out Famoid for best social media services. Nevertheless, here are 10 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for 2022.

Brands Are Unrestrained on TikTok

In 2021, TikTok was the hippest kid on the block, and that status will remain in 2022. TikTok is a forum for anybody and everyone with over 1 billion monthly active users and a less filtered and manicured atmosphere than Instagram. 

Takeover by the “No Filter” Feed

Both marketers and creators are moving away from the look of the perfectly curated feed and opting to publish less filtered and more real-time information. We anticipate that companies and artists will spend more time establishing deeper relationships with their fans in 2022 rather than focusing on projecting an idealised image.

The growth of LinkedIn influencers

You probably never imagined the phrases “LinkedIn” and “influencer” would go together. What will therefore happen in 2022? We anticipate more platform usage by artists, professionals building their own identities, and CEOs establishing themselves as authorities in their industries.

Using social media posts as money

Use a social media post to pay for a product? Yes, it’s true, and this social media craze is only beginning. The outcome? Long queues and frequently sold-out merchandise. These kinds of advertising may become more popular when the world starts to open up again and businesses start organising in-person events. Observe this space.

I keep seeing memes.

A good meme is loved by everybody, right? We anticipate that memes (both static and video) will be even more popular in 2022. Memes are a fantastic tool for marketers and content providers to engage with their audience and participate in hot topics. In essence? The more inventive or quick you are, the better since memes are here to stay.

Accountability and Diversity on Social Media are Being Reemphasized

Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t ever be considered a “social media trend,” but we do anticipate that there will be continual discussion about keeping businesses accountable for the commitments they make to their followers. To put it another way, it’s no longer something you can cross off your list.

Putting Mental Health First and Preventing Burnout

The digital fatigue is real, because to constant lockdowns, increased online time, and the obligation to always produce content. In addition, Instagram promises to offer expert-endorsed advice on what you can do when taking a break, such as listening to your favourite music or taking a few deep breaths.

Vertical Short-form Video Will Survive

Because of the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form vertical video has taken off. We anticipate a lot of fresh vertical video trends and original material to emerge in 2022, whether it’s entertaining editing transitions or in-depth training.

Enhanced Social Commerce Automation

Product discovery, click-to-purchase, and post-purchase assistance all take place on social media in social commerce, a subset of e-commerce. We expect the social commerce trend to intensify in 2022 as platforms compete to offer the greatest purchasing experiences for both customers and companies.

The Entrepreneur Economy Will Soar

We estimate that the creator economy will soon surpass $100 billion in value. It makes sense to invest in creators who are boosting engagement, building engaged communities, and pushing goods as social media platforms expand into the e-commerce arena. Numerous designers have experienced rapid success in the last year or two just since they identified and persisted with their market niche.

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