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3 Unique Tricks to Impress Your Customers Online
3 Unique Tricks to Impress Your Customers Online

When it comes to growing your online business and really establishing your space in the market, you need to prioritize connecting with customers and effectively building those relationships. It’s not a truly successful transaction unless you make a consistently positive impression and get them to come back again next time. It should be your goal to stand out above the crowd and incentivize your customer to reinforce your brand and keep coming back. 

Surprise Customers with Benefits

One easy and highly effective way to impress your customers and encourage them to come back and start building loyalty to your brand is by offering rewards. Surprise them after their first purchase with some kind of benefit or discount for the future. 

When customers reach out with queries or problems to resolve, use the opportunity to offer them extra deals! If they’re having a problem, a free service or discount can serve as a kind apology showing a conscientious and compassionate company. These benefits can be crucial for getting those one-time customers to convert into loyal brand ambassadors. 

Don’t Make Them Do the Work

You should do everything you can to make processes simple and streamlined for your customers. This can be as simple as easy auto-fill options for making purchases, but this applies especially to offering support and problem resolution. 

Every customer is used to going through boring, repetitive processes when they reach out for support. They have to explain their problem three different times to three different people before they get passed around to someone who may actually be able to offer a solution. They may feel that if they’re not persistent and loud, they won’t have their issues addressed.

“Making customers jump through hoops with no obvious rhyme or reason just to get the service they deserve is incredibly disrespectful,” says Cynthia Berger, founding partner of Berger and Green. “Show them you value them as clients by putting in the work yourself.” Smoothing this process out and making customer support a less frustrating experience is just a matter of effective communication.

Let your support staff do the work instead of putting it back on the customer. Get the information directly from the other representative and only go to the client with any clarifying questions. Describe what’s going on and explain your diagnosis of the problem to the client as you go to help them feel that progress is happening, that they’re not continuing to be bounced around to different staff members while the problem remains the same.

Keep Up the Service and Follow Through

It may not seem so unique. But really taking a real interest in someone’s experience and following through to be sure they have their needs met truly makes an impression. It’s so meaningful to many customers because it is unique. It’s not something they encounter every day.

Try to respond to queries as quickly as possible and show the customer that they’re cared for and that you take seriously your responsibility to help them. Then, after the problem has been resolved, go beyond expectations and reach out later! Get back in touch and make sure no other problems have arisen. 

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