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4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A YouTube Channel
4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A YouTube Channel

In case you haven’t noticed, video is taking over the web. Everywhere you look, brands and companies are developing video content that they are posting on social media and on their website. And, of course, many of them are posting directly to YouTube, giving them a chance to create playlists around specific topics that are meaningful to them. Thus, it’s time to consider all the reasons why your company needs a YouTube channel.

#1: Encourage customers and prospects to learn about your products

The easiest types of videos to create are product videos. These can be simple 1-minute or 2-minute videos that showcase your best products. If you’re a fashion company, for example, you can showcase different people wearing your new clothing line. If you’re a tech company, you can create short videos showing people how to use your products. Then, when you’ve assembled a few of these product videos, you can add them to a playlist. This makes it very easy for customers to check out all of your products in one place.

#2: Develop a reputation for thought leadership and expertise

Another type of popular video on YouTube is the “how-to” video. This can be very simple – such as how to make a certain meal if you’re a restaurant chef – but is actually very powerful in helping to establish your reputation and expertise. After watching your YouTube videos, someone might invite you to speak at a conference. Or you might get asked to become a guest contributor for a popular blog.

#3: Enhance your overall brand messaging

Some YouTube videos fall under the topic of branding and marketing. For example, to highlight your company’s focus on eco-sustainability, you might interview the company’s founder, who can explain the various ways the company is working to reduce its carbon footprint. Or, to highlight that your workplace would be a great place for young millennials to work, you could create a video showing some of the fun, creative people already working at your company.

#4: Gain free word-of-mouth buzz for your products

This next category is perhaps the trickiest one to navigate – but it is what people usually think of when they hear “YouTube videos.” The key to “going viral” is coming up with a creative concept that is so impossible to ignore that you have to share it with your friends. The problem, however, is that it’s almost impossible to predict what will go viral, and brands risk looking very foolish trying to “look cool.” But when it works, well, it really works. For example, until Dollar Shave Club came along, the way you sold razor blades was touting all the great technology of the blades. Dollar Shave Club blew that right up with a viral video so insane that it was almost impossible to believe it was real when it first hit the Interwebs.

Final Thought

The important point to keep in mind here is that the true value of YouTube videos is not through direct monetization. In other words, you are not trying to rack up 1 million page views so that you can get paid out by YouTube. Rather, the goal is much more indirect – it’s to build buzz, boost your reputation and credibility, and engage with customers. By doing so, you will be on the path to selling more and growing your business with video. And it all starts with a YouTube channel that fits with your overall brand positioning.

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