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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App
5 Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile App

Long gone are the days when mobile apps were created solely for major brands and large corporations like Target or Wells Fargo. Small businesses have also caught on to the trend and recognize the importance of mobile apps to the success of their companies.

Deciding to bring your business to mobile is the first step, and the next is figuring out how to do it successfully. Andrew Gazdecki of SmallBizTrends provides five key factors to consider when building your mobile app.

First, make certain that the app has value to your users. An app that is merely an extension of your website will not retain customers. They need to be able to extract value in a way that is unique to the app.

Second, keep in mind that successful apps are simple. Simplicity is key and will guarantee a better user experience. Your business should identify the focus or goal of the app and put the features that accomplish this at the forefront.

Third, implement a way to measure the app’s performance. How is it impacting your business? Which features are effective and which aren’t? You can only improve if you have a way to assess your app’s performance.

Next, create a marketing strategy specifically for your app. Treat it just as you would the launch of a website and let your customers know that you’re coming to mobile.

Lastly, make a plan for user engagement. Mobile apps are a great way to connect with your customers, allowing them to easily reach you, and features like push notifications and in-app messages will encourage users to come back to your app.

To read more on how to build a successful mobile app, check out the full article here.

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