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5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads using Social Media
5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads using Social Media

We live in a world where smartphones are pretty boundless in terms of storage and processing capacities. Due to this reason, there are almost 3 million apps on Playstore, and most of those apps have had a fair bit of success(given the efforts put in the marketing and app itself)⁠— some earned million, some thousands, and some none.

However, for an optimist entering the app market, success is paramount and inevitable. Still, there are a couple of things one needs to focus one when creating the app strategy:

  1. The app itself: The app must be developed based on the user’s interest. So, do the research, pay some focus groups, and build a flawless app that doesn’t harm the user’s experience.
  2. The marketing: Another crucial thing that needs to be taken care of once the app is up and running is marketing. According to an informative blog, “You must have a good marketing budget and a proper strategy & direction to increase app downloads.”

If you are on this site reading an article about “marketing mobile apps”, chances are you are through step-1, i.e., development of the app. As for marketing, what better than social media? 

Using social media, you can increase your app downloads whether it’s an app on Play Store/App store or an independent app on a website by using simple CTAs.

Here are the five basic social media marketing step that can lead your app to success:

Share across social media:

Once the app is live, without thinking share it with social media friends and ask them to share further. Don’t leave any platform⁠— Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram. Here’s an excellent message I received on LinkedIn:


Such messages(It had URL and more details) work wonders and gives a start to the app.

Use Paid ads:

Once you have a few app downloads through organic social media reach, try paid ads. Remember, collect the feedback from those initial users, improve the app accordingly, and then move to ads because unknowns don’t care about your feelings- they uninstall if they don’t like it.

In short, again to our introduction, if the app is perfect(step-1) move to marketing(step-2). The two social media platforms that work best(currently) are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Explore Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is hot. People tend to listen(give attention) to the people/celebrities/pages they follow. And if that message is about your app, there’s a high chance that a significant amount of their followers will download your app. 

Meaning, tap in proper influencer marketing strategies and succeed in your mission of getting more app downloads.

Encourage to leave review/feedback:

Like shares, reviews/feedbacks are digital word of mouth. If your app has more five-star ratings, other people checking your app page will subconsciously believe it’s a good app, which means they will download it. 

So, implement different CTAs throughout your app that leads users to give a positive review/ratings. 

Encourage to share:

Similar to encouraging to give reviews, encourage to share(This one’s different that first point). In your app, upon a successful level(if it’s a game)  or something similar, add options to share on social media. Moreover, you can use “refer and earn” schemes as well.

In a nutshell, ask them to share every now and then. That’s it.

Final words:

Ideally, there are two steps to the success of an app. The first is, of course, the app itself⁠— how it helps, educates, or entertains people. The second? Marketing. Marketing is crucial to increase the user base unless your app’s like Pokemon Go that can go crazy viral.

The five tips mentioned above are the fundamentals when it comes to using social media for app downloads. What are your thoughts? Would you like to add another? Let us know in the comments below.

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