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6 Ideas to Monetize Your Instagram Account in 2019
6 Ideas to Monetize Your Instagram Account in 2019

Recently, Instagram became a wildly popular resource for posting pictures. It is a service for mobile gadgets, used to upload the most successful images (according to the opinion of the account’s owner) to a social media network and many influencers want to monetize their Instagram. A lot of people quickly figured out the way to benefit from such a service. Apart from boosting their confidence, Instagram likes can also enhance their profits. But if you think you’ve missed the opportunity to earn some money by not jumping on this bandwagon, don’t despair! This is a niche that is far from being overfilled. The visual component of Instagram is the basis for getting profit. Promotion on Instagram goes to a new level, and it is used not only for communication but also for commenting and viewing a vast number of personal pictures.   

People come to Instagram when they are looking for inspiration and news, as well for watching interesting photos from individuals and companies. About 70 percent of users are young people who enter Instagram many times a day, looking at updates from friends. Monetizing social networks is a good way to get both active and passive income with little or no investment, and Instagram is no exception. You can use this professional writer service for ordering an excellent essay on this topic. This resource provides a good opportunity to not only promote a ready-made business but also start earning using other remote-work methods. Let’s consider the main ways of making money with Instagram.

1. Posting Pictures

If you are sure that your photos are good enough to be seen and probably bought, feel free to expose them on sale. Apps like SnapMyAd enable you to offer your best shots. The more actively a user puts new pictures, the more subscribers will learn about a new photographer. Properly edited photos will make your content branded, and people will recognize you with time. Update hashtags once a week if you want to involve more subscribers. Reply to those who leave comments and like your work. Pay more attention to the dialogue with visitors and not directly to sales. Add hashtags to your images to attract attention and stimulate commenting and discussing. An account that has collected more than three thousand fans can be considered a blog that makes a big impact on the audience.

2. Advertising Your Products and Services

This type of income is good for designers, photographers, and other creative professionals.

If you already have an account on Instagram with live subscribers and their number is more than 100 thousand people, it gives you an opportunity to place ads on your posts for a certain fee. For this, your Instagram profile should be live, promoted with something like Stormlike’s Instagram followers, and daily visited by active subscribers. If your account is not popular enough, you will need some funds to promote it. Of course, you can use free methods, such as mass-trapping and mass-liking, but you should not expect quick results. You may have fewer subscribers, but you will earn less in this case.

Promoting your works on Instagram can not only deepen your professional knowledge, attract more customers, and expand your field of activity, but also provides you with useful recommendations and constructive comments.

3. Using Instagram as a Tool for Your Own Business

Instagram can be used for e-commerce. If you already have your online store, but you still do not use Instagram for advertising, you should pay attention to this social network. Instagram is no longer just a social media for posting personal photos, but a great business tool. It will require snapshots of your products willingly made by professionals, a description given according to the SEO rules, and timely posting on this social network. There are always a few people among subscribers who will be interested in purchasing the offered goods. In this way, Instagram is an ideal platform for various beauty salons, advertising companies, shops selling flowers and gifts, etc. A known account can attract a fairly large amount of new customers. The promotion of your business profile can be entrusted to professionals, as well as done by yourself, using both free and paid methods.

4. Group Promotion

This method of earning is considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to start a business on Instagram without investments. To make money on a group, come up with a particular concept and build an idea which will be supported by interested subscribers. One of the easiest methods of promoting your group is commenting on other users’ pics, mutual subscribing, reviewing your subscribers’ images, and active promoting links. Instagram allows leaving comments containing links to your account. To become a successful group promoter, you need the maximum possible number of subscribers, and CheapIGFollowers can help you get to the maximum in a fast way. Also, you have to constantly update content and add new amazing photos as often as possible. In this way, your profile will be often visited, and the number of likes will increase only if it is interesting to the target audience.

5. Profit Using Likes, Subscriptions, and PR

You can promote not only your account but also other business profiles. For this, you need to know all the methods of promotion, get special training, and regularly improve your skills. There are also particular services allowing account holders to earn on likes, subscriptions, and promotions. The main income you can get for advertising brands and for promoting other users’ accounts with their products and services. Online projects like Userator make it possible to get revenue from making reposts and leaving comments on the pictures you liked.

6. Expert Assessment

It is another option of monetization, convenient for public people, bloggers, top models, and professionals in a particular field of activity. For that, the profile should have many live followers. A large number of your subscribers may become potential customers of interested advertisers. The more subscribers, the higher the earnings of the page owner. It is better to always look for advertisers who will be willing to pay you for promoting their products using your account.

So, ways of making money on Instagram are not limited by six. Generating revenue on Instagram is quite real. Choose the right direction in which you wish to succeed and use beautiful pictures for your profit.

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