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7 Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for Business
7 Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing for Business

Have you ever tried to market your business through social media? If you have, you’ll know it’s a competitive world out there. But, you’ll also know that social media marketing has huge potential for brands, helping you reach a global audience (or local, if that’s where your market is) and get noticed by more people. When it’s done well, it can be transformative for businesses.

But, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s easy to mess it up and miss out on all of those lovely benefits. Because of this, many people get expert help from agencies like One of One Social Media Agency, who can help them get it right. To give you a headstart, we’ve put together 7 expert-approved do’s and don’ts to improve your social media marketing instantly.

1. Do Choose the Right Platform

Not every platform will work for your brand. Make sure you know where your target audience is before you choose the right platform, as well as the kind of content you’ll be publishing. For example, visual content like images and short-form videos are perfect on Instagram, whilst blog content is better on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

2. Don’t Duplicate Content Across Platforms

It’s tempting to share the same content across social media platforms, but don’t do it. If you’re duplicating content, then you could easily annoy your users as they switch across platforms only to see the same posts, and they may even unfollow you. Different platforms also suit different content (see above!), so stick with what works and create original content. 

3. Do Experiment With Different Content Formats

Play around with your content to see what users respond to and to keep your feeds fresh. Instagram Reels are a great example of something brands can use to have fun with their content and reach a wider audience. Other great content formats to try include infographics, stories, videos, and user-generated content (posting pictures taken by your users).

4. Don’t Ignore the Analytics

Even though social media is creative, it’s still driven by numbers. Keep checking your analytics to get insights into what content works best for your audience, what times are the best to post, and keep an eye on your follower count. For example, you might spot that images with people in them perform 40% better than those that don’t!

5. Do Connect With Your Audience Through Influencers

If you’re struggling to connect with your target audience, don’t underestimate the power of influencers! Find an influencer with a similar target audience and similar values to your brand, and check that their engagement metrics are positive (lots of comments are always great.) Collaborate with influencers who are the best fit for you and quickly reach your target audience.

6. Don’t Start Paid Posts Too Early

If you don’t have many posts on your feed, paid posts aren’t worth it. Don’t start paying for sponsored posts and ads until you have 10+ posts on your profile. If you don’t, there won’t be enough for users to connect with, and you won’t see so many people following you from your ads. 

7. Do Keep Consistent Branding

Branding is vital, no matter where you are! On social media, make sure you know who you are, the sort of content you want to be putting out, and the tone of voice of your brand. It’s a great idea to create a Tone of Voice document that outlines your brand intentions, your mission, and the persona you want to portray. Stay consistent with your branding, and it’ll help you build connections with your audience.

Start Your Marketing

If you’re excited to start your social media marketing journey, these tips should help you get your profile off the ground and start gaining a targeted audience. Remember, though, no marketing strategy is perfect right away. There’ll be a lot more to learn as you go, and trial and error are almost inevitable, but as long as you’re giving it your best shot, you should start to see some of the benefits.

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