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7 Ideas for Using Social Media to Help You Reach Fitness Goals
7 Ideas for Using Social Media to Help You Reach Fitness Goals

If you’re like most 21st-century social media users, you probably enjoy relaxing with a cup of coffee or other refreshing beverage while scrolling through your feed. However, you may also feel that some of the time you spend on social media could be put to better use. Fortunately, that’s very much within the realm of possibility. For instance, if you’ve been meaning to get started on a fitness program but keep putting it off, social media can act as a significant tool in breaking your procrastination cycle. Here’s what you need to know about using social media to help you reach your fitness goals.

1- Follow Fitness Bloggers

Following fitness bloggers before you develop a dedicated routine not only helps spark motivation, but it also provides the opportunity to compare different options. Don’t be afraid to follow several fitness bloggers until you find one or two that you vibe with particularly well — but by the same token, don’t follow so many that the ones that might be right for you get lost in the crowd.

2- Find Accountability Partners

Accountability partners play a substantial role in helping you stay on point with your goals and maintain a consistent routine. Your accountability partners don’t necessarily have to be those in your immediate area — one of the advantages of social media is that you can connect with others with similar interests and goals no matter where they’re at.

3- Participate in a Fitness Group

Joining a social media fitness group allows you to discuss fitness goals with others from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Additionally, there are fitness groups for a range of individual needs and preferences. For instance, a fitness group for pregnant thirty-somethings is going to have a different dynamic than one for senior citizens.

4- Join Live Workouts

Live workouts are another aspect of fitness that social media lets you do at home. Many people find that they work out more often with this option, rather than relying on trips to their local gym.

5- Document Your Progress

You can also use your social media feed to document your progress. If you’re uncomfortable at first sharing your fitness journey with others on the internet, you can always set your profile to private or limit those who can see it.

6- Research Healthy Meal Options

Fitness isn’t just about exercise — eating the right foods is an essential part of promoting overall good health. You can easily research healthy meal options on social media by following nutrition experts and mindful eating influencers.

7- Create Fitness Challenges

Whether you’ve got one or several social media connections seeking to meet their own fitness goals, fitness challenges provide an engaging way for everyone to stay on track. When just starting out on your fitness journey, you should keep challenges short and sweet to maximize chances for success — after all, succeeding at something builds momentum for future accomplishments.

Fitness can sometimes feel isolating, and social media provides a communal component to the process that makes it more enjoyable and sustainable in the long run.

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