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8 Advanced Tools to Optimize Your Existing Traffic
8 Advanced Tools to Optimize Your Existing Traffic

Too often marketers hone every inch of their efforts into boosting traffic numbers. We throw money at our computer screen hoping a small spike in visitors will somehow magically validate our product and increase conversions. After our fourth lackluster Adwords campaign one might start to realize just how futile the ‘traffic war’ really is. It’s a battle with no clear end or winner but lots and lots of bloodshed. I’m here to convert you all into hippy pacifists, let’s end the ‘battle for extra eyeballs’ and instead focus on the users we already have.

These tools are meant to optimize your traffic and make it work for you. Every single interaction with your site should be both documented and customized for the individual user.

It’s the small things that can make a difference. Display more prominent Facebook share buttons to visitors from Facebook. If someone stays on site a long time, you better damn well watch them like the NSA. Deliver custom messaging and popups to drive the next desired action. I know it’s a lot to consider, so that’s why we put it all in a simple list, duh!

Let’s dive in shall we?

 8 AdvancedFor Killing Your Bounce Rate
with Customized Experiences

#1: Gleam Capture (Free)

To put it simply, this is the tool you use if you’re running PPC campaigns across multiple social channels and want to maximize email signups sitewide. Capture uses new behavioral tracking to customize which email popup users receive based on their individual interactions with your site. It takes into account which link directed them to your site, how many pages they interact with and even their location to arrive at the popup most likely to convert. It’s like hiring an intern to watch each user arriving to your site, but without the pimples and coffee runs.

#2: Tailor (Free)

Tailor is a beast of an app that works best for hyper-optimizing landing page conversions. It uses statistics and tracking to customize which landing page it shows the incoming users. It stands out above other apps with it’s advanced tracking algorithm that takes into account a user’s previous site interactions and forms a personality profile for users. Get it now while it’s free in beta!

For Boosting Email Signups
with Exit Intent Technology

#3: Exit Monitor

Ever hear of exit intent? Learn it now ‘cause it’s going to change your email list forever. It essentially tracks a user’s live movements on site and waits for them to begin leaving your site before displaying an email popup or CTA.  Exit Monitor is the best way to start making use of this new tech. With its advanced tracking technology, it’s able to display any CTA as soon as your user begins to float their mouse over that little red circle.

#4: OptinMonster

We’ve been using OptinMonster in house here at SME the past couple months. The real shining point of their services lies within their exit intent software for collecting email signups. Previously we saw on average about 1.1% email signups on our site. After using exit intent there was an immediate boost to 1.6% signups sitewide. Users tend to respond when their hand is already on the mouse. Having a popup appear while they’re not actively reading anything makes it less intrusive and annoying, meaning they’re more likely to give it proper attention.

For Customized Emails Based
on User Interactions

#5: Customer.io (Free)

Customer.io is an incredibly advanced messaging tool that segments your users into micro-groups based on pretty much any specification you can think of. Want to target an email campaign to users that clicked on your ‘about’ page and spent more than 2 minutes reading it? You can do that now. This one tool exposes an entire world of remarketing and specific targeting by leveraging behavior, activity and pageviews all at once.

#6: Threads.io (Free)

Threads.io is more ideal for sales and conversions. It watches each user’s interactions with your checkout page and specifically caters its email campaign based on how far the user makes it through the purchase. Say a user abandons a purchase after half entering their credit card information. Threads will customize an email series easing them back into the purchase process. This could include asking them why they abandoned their cart and if they plan on purchasing in the future. This helps keep your brand top of mind and saves some sales you may have otherwise lost.

For Advanced User Tracking
and Polling

#7: HotJar (Free)

Learning what your users thought of your brand used to be a tedious manual process of messaging each person one by one. Now, there’s an app for that. HotJar inserts real-time popups within your site to ask users customizable questions while they browse your page. Here at SME we saw a huge interaction rate with this app. We generated over 80 poll responses including 25 short answers in just one week. This gave us deep insights into our brand love and where we should be improving our UX on the site. On top of polling, HotJar also provides advanced heatmaps, and even records individual user sessions showing you live recordings of users on your site. You can’t get any more advanced tracking than that.

#8: Wedgies (Free)

Wedgies take care of everything social by polling your social channels in real-time. These are dynamic polls that work essentially anywhere on the web making them very sharable and likely to generate the most responses. These polls are great at learning what your users think of your brand but they truly excel at generating interactions and engagement. They’re fun and really stand out on your feed. Try it out yourself with a simple fun poll like “Which superhero is most like your ex-girlfriend?”. You can also embed these polls directly into your site!

Look, if you use at least two of these tools on a regular basis you will see a difference in your conversions and brand awareness. Pick at least one tool from each category to make a part of your core strategy and you’ll be blown away at how much you’ve been missing out on. So many sites face huge bounce rates simply from not having the right tools in place. Most of these tools are free so you have no excuses, get testing today.

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