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Bennet Schwartz Shares Five Signs Your Social Media Job Is Fulfilling
Bennet Schwartz Shares Five Signs Your Social Media Job Is Fulfilling

Many people are unhappy in their job. This is not because they are not well-suited for the work, but simply because working all day can be exhausting and difficult. There are many reasons that someone might feel burnt out or frustrated with their career path – maybe it’s a high-stress environment where every day feels like an uphill battle, or perhaps you’re just bored of doing the same tasks over and over again. Below are five signs that Bennet Schwartz indicates that your social media job makes you happy.

You have a dream or goal that drives you every day

If your job is what you’ve always imagined it to be, then it’s likely that the work-day will feel much easier. When you wake up in the morning and start thinking about all of the tasks at hand for that day, you’ll probably have a small smile on your face simply because getting into work means pursuing something larger. – Whether it is helping the company you work for success or simply doing something that makes your life better outside of work.

You find some aspects of social media interesting every day 

Whether it’s learning how to grow a following on Instagram through proper hashtagging techniques, studying Facebook ads to recommend changes to clients’ advertisements, or looking into ways to monetize a company’s YouTube page better, you’ll find at least some aspect of your job interesting. Even if the task itself is seemingly mind-numbing (such as liking 100 photos per day on Facebook), it will be more bearable with the excitement that comes along with doing something new or different.

You want control over the hours

A job that makes you happy will not be one where the hours are dictated by someone else, and there is no way to change them. Rather than feeling like another cog in a wheel, it’ll feel more fulfilling when your schedule is under your discretion so long as tasks get completed on time. With this system of working, you’ll be able to plan for time with family and friends, as well as take care of yourself by getting enough sleep.

You don’t mind the work

Through no fault of your own, you might simply not enjoy working in social media or a similar career path. If this is the case – if it’s only because the job doesn’t make you happy – then it’s best to leave and move on, even if the work itself is not difficult.

You feel appreciated for your efforts

Many people take their job duties for granted simply because they are a normal part of everyday life. However, when someone works hard or does something extraordinary, that should be acknowledged by both fellow employees and managers. With this positive reinforcement, you’ll be happier at work because it will motivate you to put forth your best efforts regularly.

If you can check off two or more of these boxes, then it’s likely that social media work makes you happy. However, if none apply – especially if all five do not apply – then a career change might be in order.

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