Social Media Explorer Looking For Thought-Starter Bloggers
WANTED: Thought Fire-Starters And Status Quo Questioners
WANTED: Thought Fire-Starters And Status Quo Questioners

Would you like to be a regular blogger at Social Media Explorer? I’m taking suggestions (not applicants … it’s not a job) and nominees for smart thinkers, status-quo challengers, tool reviewers and people who understand social media marketing better be about business or you’ll be flipping burgers soon. I want to share this platform with thought fire-starters.

We are smarter than me.

But I’m going to be picky. I want people who are committed to teaching social media, blogging regularly, sharing their experiences and thoughtful opinions, helping others understand not just how to use social media but what it means to be social. I don’t want guest posts from PR hacks or desperate start-up junkies hocking their product or service. I want people who have some experience, have an audience or following of their own, or can show tons of smarts otherwise and understand the responsibility and value of sharing a platform with some meagre credibility.

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I’d love to have different perspectives … an agency person, an entrepreneur, a business owner,  a wicked-smart business person who is a n00b to technology or social media. Perhaps even an analytics junkie, an email fiend, productivity enthusiast … even a gamer. Ideally, I’d love a lineup of 6-8 authors who can help keep the audience informed, entertained, but most certainly challenged with their thinking about social media, marketing, advertising, public relations and communications.

I am not going to stop blogging. This isn’t a cultural shift in Social Media Explorer or what it does. It’s an expansion of the resources to provide better content more frequently. It’s a call on my community to challenge the thinking: mine, yours and the echo chamber’s.

If you’re interested and meet the requirements (and don’t meet the bad ones) above, email me. Tell me why you’d like to write here, what you’d like to write about (think of it as your beat), what you think our readers will get out of your contributions and yeah, what you’ll get out of it, too. (If you need me to tell you why blogging here would be beneficial to you, then you probably won’t make the cut. Just sayin’.)

Understand that I may not pick you. I’m making room for a few, select folks. If the quality isn’t there, I owe it to this audience to not pick you. It’s not personal.

And you’re certainly welcome to not pick me, too. I’m only interested if you are.

Thanks for reading!

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my favourite,

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  • Hey Jason I will like to join but definitely my Social Media status is just starting, I will try to work harder to become at least somebody in the social media world or at least on my niche for sure, but I just wish the best of the best in finding the right people for you.



  • I connect with whom you are seeking as I express my creativity and talent via public speaking engagements. I trust you will find the talent in the form of someone who has a passion for writing.

    See you at Blog World, Las Vegas again…I will be there.

  • barb

    Wow, that was a little scary to read, I think I'd be too chicken to even apply! I am wanting to do product reviews for other websites if that would interest you let me know. I'd of course post on your blog the review. The products would be given by your sponsors to me for the payment. My blog is 2 years old now at:
    Email is on site.

  • jeffespo

    This is a great concept and love how email is mistaken for comments. Look forward to seeing who you select in the end.

  • I have to tell you that if you were looking for people to only challenge the norm re: Social Media, I would not waste my time in responding. However, since you broadened the scope to include social media, marketing, advertising, public relations and communications… then hell yeah, I'm interested.

    As for challenging the status quo…

  • joeystrawn

    You've got an email coming from me. I even sent it using that Internet thing so it would get there faster. Thanks for the opportunity presented here, I know there are a lot of people that will get a lot out of it.

  • Doug Williams

    Jason —

    If you want a contrarian, I might be your guy.

    I run social media programs for my clients, blog about writing, and speak on social media (keynoting at a conference next month), and have concluded that social media is less revolutionary than the experts would have us believe. It is largely a recycling of marketing fundamentals, spruced up with new names (“digital dimensionality” is my latest favorite, whatever that means) and attached to sporty new platforms.

    My deal is this:

    I have to do social media in the real world. I don't have time to “seduce and nurture” audiences (actual words from a self-styled social media guru), and I've grown weary of high-minded thought leaders who prefer to dwell in the clouds of evangelism rather than get down to the mean streets of strategy.

    That's what I'd do:

    Sheer away the veneer of complexity (and new age doublespeak) that too often defines social media, and talk abut relevant, actionable approaches that business people can put to use instantly.

    You said you wanted fire starters. I'd be your arsonist.

    (And for whatever it's worth, my business is doing well, and I'm busier than a puppy in a fire hydrant factory. So there's no self-interest involved here, economic or otherwise.)

    My contact info follows. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

    Doug Williams

  • Early scan of comments makes me think I should amend the post a bit:

    1. A contributor would probably blog at least once every couple weeks.
    2. Those who don't follow instructions weed themselves out.

    (Sorry if that sounds arrogant. It's like Van Halen's green M&Ms … it's there for a reason.)

  • Nice Article Jason. Gave me pause to think about doing something similar on my own blog. I was a contributing author on for a while a few years back and enjoyed the experience. Ultimately I gave it up due to the time contraints that my own blogging efforts required. All the best to you! I'll be looking forward to see who joins the effort here!

  • Jason,

    I'd be totally down to contribute. I tend to write about Social Media, marketing, technology (gadgets, search engines, web apps etc), and issues in leadership. I have an editorial calendar up on my blog now so you can see what I have coming up.

    Let me know, I'd be excited to work on Social Media Explorer.

  • What kind of input do you expect from your future co-bloggers? An article per week, two? Biweekly, perhaps?

    By the way – I could write an entire blog about not being able to click on “email me” when the call for action clearly suggests I should :)

  • I'd love to but I already have 5 blogs that I either own or am a regular blogger. Of course, if you need a guest blogger from time to time – to help diversify the content, just let me know!

    I'll pass on your post as I am sure many will be ramped up to work with Social Media Explorer!


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