Brand Haiku: Falls Breaks The Rules
Brand Haiku: Falls Breaks The Rules
Brand Haiku: Falls Breaks The Rules

Today, I’m participating in a little meme called “Brand Haiku.” It was Aaron Strout‘s idea, so blame him. I promised the others participating (see link below to the next one you’re supposed to read) they would regret asking me. We were supposed to write one about a brand that had impressed us (or something … I didn’t really pay attention to the instructions), but all I heard was, “write Haiku,” and this came out. Enjoy!

Aaron Strout made me
write haikus about business
Powered must be bored

Haikus have a style
much harder than writing in
one hundred forty

Characters we are
All of us balancing our
egos to be nice

To each other we
link our poems to show you

All of that’s nice but
all are thinking that I am
way way off topic

So here are my stabs
at haikus that will make them
regret asking me

I went to the bar.
Ordered a Maker’s Mark neat.
Now I’m satisfied.

One bourbon is nice.
Three put you over the top.
Four is too many.

I fly Southwest Air
Not because of open seats
But lack of assholes

My doctor is cruel
I leave his office yelling
Give me percocet

That Falls City Beer
formerly flat disgusting
changed things. Now its good.

Adult toy stores rock.
But I am very confused.
No way that will fit

I bet the others
will be mad they didn’t think
to write more than one

But that’s what they get
for inviting someone who
never follows rules.

And now, you’re supposed to go see Laura “PIstachio” Fitton for her little ditty. Enjoy!

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