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Can Social Media Be Toxic to Women?
Can Social Media Be Toxic to Women?

To be frank, social media can be toxic to write about anyone. However, women are usually the most impacted by negative comments or stereotypes. Ken Kurson, a media savant, understands that social media can be very damaging to a person’s mental wellness. 

Women, no matter the shape or size, are constantly being ridiculed on social media. This is because cyberbullying usually starts when someone is unhappy with themselves. Insecurities are present in every person, and that’s truly just part of life. 

Yet, women usually get the worst comments or even threats on media platforms.The ideal body type has been instilled in women by many media vehicles. That includes magazines, movies, books, and of course, social media accounts. Women are constantly being scrutinized for not fitting into the “perfect body” mold. Journalists like Ken Kurson are trying to interview women about how the toxicity affects their daily lives. It’s important to clarify that the body one sees in the mirror is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it, no matter what outlets display.

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