Use Social Media To Change The World
How I am Using Social Media to Change the World, and You Can Too!
How I am Using Social Media to Change the World, and You Can Too!

“You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.”  — Woodrow Wilson

Have you ever dreamt of changing the world for the better only to let “reality” talk you out of such a crazy notion because it was just too big of a task?

I’ve wanted to change the world for quite some time now, maybe it’s the teacher in me. Changing lives and changing the world are part of my DNA. But, wanting is not the same as deciding why, how and in what way the “world changing” will take place.

I am sharing my story of action with you for two reasons:

  1.  To assure you of your own abilities to influence change.
  2. To demonstrate how to leverage social media for a higher purpose and calling.
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I hope these ACTIONABLE STEPS IN SOCIAL MEDIA can inspire and motivate you to build you’re own passionate community through social media.

It is your world – change it!

Here’s how I have decided to change mine:

1.  Create a Statement of Intent

One of my favorite things to do is dream up all the ways I could make a difference in the world. Of course there are countless ways to do it, and it’s easy to get lost in the thoughts. The real trick is finding on small thing that can change the world that actually feels doable. Something that does not require heroics and can actually succeed.

The following questions helped me find my way:

  • If_________ was different, the world would be a better place.
  • People I know would be happier, more productive, more empowered , if….
  • I know, if _______ happened, lives would improve.
I kept coming back to these two words: YOU MATTER. If people in my community knew they mattered, if they were told how, why, and in what way they mattered; their world would be a different place. Lives would change.

So, it’ become my intention to spread a #youmatter message with practical actions and strategies to those I meet in hopes they know this to be true.

There’s a world changing message inside you. Fill in your own blanks and discover the one small thing you could say, tweet, blog, or do to make a difference in the lives of those who matter most to you.

2. Go Public

Making your intentions to change the world public is a bold and necessary move. It is normal to wonder if you will be taken seriously. By making our intentions public, we raise awareness to our mission, ignite powerful conversations, and hold ourselves more accountable to the goals we have set.

Of course, it’s not easy. You have to get over the fear or criticism and ridicule in order to take a stand. That takes work, it takes courage. It is within reach.  Each time you “take it public”, you are one step closer to making the change you wish to see.  Once you go public, there’s no turning back!  Here’s my first step.

3. Recruit Others

Connections with other people who understand and believe in you is the single most powerful force in your mission.

Influence is everywhere, but it’s up to you to spot it. As information flow is infinite, it is of utmost importance to capture the attention of the select few who serve as influencers — people who can actually stop their followers in their tracks to help spread your message.

I selected influencers in all different “walks of life” and areas of influence, from the blogosphere to the power users of Twitter.

As you consider those who will be important to supporting your cause, check out this list of useful Influencer Discovery Tools compiled by SME’s very own Jason Falls.

 4. Have Others Tell The Story

Spreading your message is a lot easier when you don’t have to repeat yourself. Make your message stronger, deeper, and more impactful, by finding ways to help others share it. This is only possible if you have crafted your story with trust and truth.

It is important to build your message with the strongest words, the most inspiring vision and the greatest passion.  You have the ability to change people with your passion. In everything you do, be an artist. Paint a masterpiece by telling your story in a way that people can’t ignore.I have seen have seen first hand that the right message at the right time can start a movement that changes the world,in both big and small ways.

6. Benchmark Progress

One of the most compelling challenges for anyone entering the world of social business is measurement. The ability to attribute cause and effect directly can be elusive when it comes to measuring the outcomes of your “change-the -world” actions. Metrics like :
All can provide a snapshot of how your  message and social media influence is growing, and how much activity is being driven within specific channels. Collectively, they help your refine your story and select future social media initiatives that will carry your message even farther.

7. Persist

Changing the world isn’t something you get to do once and then sit back and relax. Find time every single day to take a stand for that which you believe in.
No one single action or social media platform will be the answer to your success. The web has a short attention span and will test your commitment to the process. There will be times when things go according to plan, and other times you will wonder if it is all worth it.Remember, you must BE the change. Sitting back is easy. Silence is comfortable but neither are productive when it comes to world changing work. Getting things done and forcing yourself to think positive when your not  is tough, but you can master this with practice.
I have shared my story with you because I absolutely believe in your potential and power to act in small ways to make world-changing differences.
Some final questions to consider as you ponder your own plan:
  • Who are the people that matter most?
  • What is their greatest worry or challenge?
  • What tools can you use to help you to understand and engage with them?
  • What’s the best platform to share my story?
You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You are capable of changing the world; the question for you is how and when?
What are you waiting for? It’s your world – go change it!
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