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How to Choose the Perfect Niche When Starting a Blog
How to Choose the Perfect Niche When Starting a Blog

How do you decide on a blog when you have money-making on your mind? That’s one of the many questions that I had when I began blogging for the first time and so did many of you, I’m sure.

While few have a clear vision as to what they want to write about, others continue to lurk in confusion. Because it’s very difficult to understand what’s trending and what’s not online.

Writing on a topic you love may not always work

It’s unlikely that what you love would be loved by someone else. Building a successful blog requires making an informed and logical decision. However, it takes time though for which you need immense patience and courage.

Exceptions are there of course. A good example is Martin Lewis, the founder of, who started writing newsletter blogs in the year 2003 and sold the entire website to for £87m.

Denise Wallin on the other hand, started a travel/childcare blog that she could not make money from successfully. She agrees that brands have become savvier than ever before and that kick starting a blogging website is just not going to work anymore.

In that case, the question we all ask ourselves “how to create a blog and find success overnight?”

Have You Considered writing Niche Blogs?

What are niche blogs? These are blogs that fall under certain specific categories, which have higher search value than the rest. If your customers want to stay up-to-date when it comes to fashion, they will follow fashion blog pages. It’s as simple as that.

Take Neil Patel for instance. When he shares a tip or two on how you can begin your blogging journey, he is actually talking about blogs and blog marketing. That’s a niche and you will find more topics on this written by him as well as many other digital writers.

When reputed business consultant Sam Ovens talks, he is always giving out some of the best tips on how to grow a business and start making money.

These writers, they don’t deviate from their topic of discussion, which always pivots around one center of interest. This is called niche blogging, where you pick a particular genre to start writing.

Niche blogging is an excellent technique to hold on to your customer experience. It narrows down audience reach and helps to build brand identity. When customers know your brand, they will return to your page again and again.

Since you would like to get started earning something while you blog, work on a proper strategy and plan first. Note down all the pros and cons when you choose a topic so that you remain prepared for the advantages and the disadvantages.

Picking the Wrong Niche is a Common Mistake

Choosing the wrong niche happens in either of the two scenarios, which are as follows –

Scenario 1 – Writing something that you love

You may start writing on a topic that you will soon realize will not reap you any gold. People don’t realize this and when they do, it’s already too late.

Scenario 2 – Thinking only about profitability

When bloggers do these, it becomes evident in their writing. Because writing is all about passion and you cannot express in words if you are not born with that labour of love. As a blogger, you may try hiding those things behind your ornamental words, but when lack of drive and motivation kicks in, you will realize that one day it all falls apart.

Tools to Research Your Niche

Deciding on a niche is one thing. Doing some background research on the niche is time-consuming but can be your north star when you someone or something to help you guide through. Here are some tools that can help you out –


The tools helps you not just for researching your niche but you can use it to dig out new blog ideas, learn more about your competitors, how do they rank on the search engine and which keywords do they use for being searched for.

Google Keyword Planner

You can use this Google Adwords to research your niche even when you are on the fly. The tool is completely free and is a good replacement for keyword External Tool.

Long Tail Pro

With the Long Tail Pro tool, you can add many seed keywords and then filter them to pull out the best ones.

Create a Mind Map

You would be surprised to find out what you had never considered before. A mind map will also give you a clear overview as to how you can begin writing your blog. Pick out the ones that you think are more profitable and when you have done that, time to consider the next point –

Where Do You See Your Blog in the Future?

Do you see it being read by people in the next three to five years? Can you see yourself writing over 50 to 200 blogs on the same topic and never find yourself getting bored?

If yes, then you have found yourself something that opens your doors that will keep the presence of your niche visible in the search engine for a long time.

Need More Ideas about Finding the Right Niche? 

There are plenty of other resources that you can try out to find out the right niche. These are as follows –

Ebay Categories

Ebay is an ecommerce site where people consistently visit to purchase products that are 80 percent cheaper. Why not visit the category section for more inspiration

Amazon Best Sellers

From new releases to top-rated and the sub-sections, Amazon Best Sellers covers everything. One of the reasons why people keep on visiting the site to purchase products is that other than being the most trusted retailers’ platform in the world, the site keeps on recommending products that can lead people to purchase them.

It is one of the best places where you can invest your time to find out more about the niche where the products are being sold.

Moral of the Story – A Professional Blogger is not born in a Day

Link to one more from blogging tips

No one is born with a magic pen. But with years of planning and understanding the market, even an ordinary writer can pen down words and convert it into gold.

Want to learn it from the best? Then find someone who is already a pro. Zac Johnson, the founder of Blogging Tips is the perfect example of a person who can inspire and guide you on how to start earning money by writing blogs.

Picking out the right niche can boost up your content’s validity and it can expand for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Cut out all the disappointing blogs that did not succeed and start writing a blog that will set you on the right track.

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