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Creating & Running a Successful Blog
Creating & Running a Successful Blog

Creating & Running a Successful Blog


Creating and running a successful Blog is completely possible and even considered simple and easy for many. However, let’s ensure that one understands what a blog is and some of it’s background. With today’s innovative technology and the internet, blogging is very common and many even make a living fulltime from blogging. A blog is a website that is informational or sometimes it can be a discussion. The writing or post is typical informal or even diary style. Usually on a blog website the posts are displayed with the most recent first. Blogs can be individual or single-author which was very popular for a while(and still is), but now just as popular or even more popular are MABs which are multi-author blogs where there are more than one author and even edited professionally at times. It seems that MABs have cornered the market of newspapers, advocacy groups, think tanks, universities, etc… Blogs are mainly text but can consist of links to other blogs, web pages, digital images, and related topics via other media. So much for basic information on what a blog actually is but one may ask who does one create and run a block that is successful as Helen Schifter thinks people who own a blog can successfully create and run it. Let’s continue the discussion on just how to do that.

Creating and Running

First, a descriptive name is key. So, one should select a name and get it registered while making sure that it is not already in use. There are online tools one can use to search to ensure that one’s name is okay for blogging and not already registered.

Second, once named and registered then one should get busy hosting. In order to get busy hosting one needs a host. Blog hosting or web hosting as it is sometimes called is a company that keeps one’s blog files and delivers the files to one’s audience when one’s blog name is typed in on the internet. In addition to getting a host, one needs blog software. Most host companies provide the software also. Just choose wisely on a host and software.

Third, keep the busyness flowing by writing and publishing the first post on the blog. If one loves sharing information or sharing their thoughts and opinions to a world wide audience, then this is definitely the fun part.

Fourth, one should promote, promote and promote their blog. Making sure that one’s blog is designed well and starts with one’s inner circle of colleagues, family, and friends is a big part of it all. Taking advantage of one’s social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram is another can’t miss as far as promoting. One can post a link to one’s blog along with other sources.
Fifth, being creative and running a successful blog can get one to making money as there are several ways to monetize one’s blog. Now, one should see that Helen Schifter has a point in thinking that people can create and run a successful blog.

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