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Credit Where It’s Due …
Credit Where It’s Due …

Jessica Northey is probably one of the most generous people in the world. She painstakingly herds cats consistently, wrangling celebrity interviews, not just her radio gig, but for charity projects, country music videos and more. She’s well connected in Hollywood, Nashville and other media markets because she’s incredibly kind and generous and knows how to make connections with people who get pulled in millions of directions. She’s a giver. In a big way.

Jessica worked tirelessly to get a number of celebrities to contribute to the “Who’s Chris Brogan?” video we used at Chris’s Roast last week. She collected their contributions, sent them to me and I slapped together the montage to make everyone in the room laugh and ohh-ahh at the big shots who took some time to help us poke Chris.

Jessica NortheyThe evening was a huge success and we all got to let Chris know how much we loved him.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Or away from the forum.

Apparently, when I introduced the “Who’s Chris Brogan,” video, I went off-script and said, “I called some celebrity friends …” or some such verbiage rather than “we called some celebrity friends …” Some of the celebrity friends of Jessica’s saw the raw footage (posted by Steve and Diane Brogan — Chris’s parents — on MomPopPow) and somehow think that I was trying to take credit for her work and didn’t credit her for it.

It did come across that way. I’m sorry it did and am horrified anyone would think I was somehow douchey enough to take credit for someone else’s work. Truth is, I was setting up the video as a punch line to a joke, performing in front of a live audience and went off the cuff and screwed up my pronouns.

When I posted the video the next day, Jessica was the first name I credited. I also got help from Priya Ramesh, Shashi Bellamkonda and credited them. Though in the busyness of the moment (no excuse, but I had a lot going on that day), I forgot to thank Zena Weist and Angel Djambazov, who wrangled folks I used in the other video when she was at SOBCon. I didn’t have the time or patience then (though I’ve taken it now) to thank and link to every single person who contributed to the videos. We made Chris feel special and they each deserve thanks.

I also credited Jessica, Priya and Shashi in the Vimeo description in case folks found the video there, though I admittedly added this a day or two after.

But I didn’t credit Jessica enough.

She was really responsible for the connections and the “names” in the videos. (Cloris Leachman came through Shashi and Priya, who had worked with her doing the GoGranny campaign for Network Solutions.) To think that my line flub and hurriedness to get content out and move on to the next project took any credit away from, or at least didn’t highlight Jessica enough literally breaks my heart.

I’m not looking for an out here. I messed up. But I certainly hope no one really thinks I deserve much credit at all. The night was about Chris. I’m sorry my screw up made the after party not so.

To all of you who helped make Chris’s night awesome, THANK YOU!

They are:

Jessica Northey (Pure awesomeness); Priya Ramesh and Shashi Bellamkonda from CRT Tanaka and Network Solutions, respectively, for helping land Cloris Leachman; Zena Weist and Angel Djambazov for wrangling the social media celebrity types; Doc Searls, Erik Deckers , Tom Mabe and Eric Miltsch for throwing jokes at me that I may have used. I’m sure there might be a couple of others who said, “This would be funny …” that led to the brain meld and brainstorming sessions that wound up being my script for the night. If you were one of them, I thank you immensely. I am not a stand-up comedian and hosting the event from a script/content standpoint was certainly a team effort. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To the participants in both videos – You guys and gals were freakin’ awesome. Thank you, so much: Actress and personality Sarah Jayne Gratton; comedian Alonzo Boden; Chris Burget from Bulls & Beavers; TV personality Shira Lazar; actress Cloris Leachman; uber designer and Brogan family friend Terri Nakamura; AdventureGirl Stefanie Michaels; everyone’s favorite celebrity head doctor, Dr. Drew; the rock band Lynhurst; The Bachelor star and personality Dr. Andy Baldwin; media mogul and expert Fred Jacobs; radio and television personality Terry Jaymes; journalist and Chris Brogan White House reporter Stephen Clark; President Obama (well … he was in there … heh); Shashi Bellamkonda (for his video contribution); Richard Binhammer from a big computer company; mobile and tablet app wizard Henry Balanon; Angel Djambazov (for his video contribution); author and PR expert David Meerman Scott; web strategist and analyst Jeremiah Owyang; Zena Weist (for her video contribution); author, PR expert and HARO founder Peter Shankman; SOBCon co-founder Terry Starbucker; web ninja Christopher Penn; and small business and travel social media expert Becky McCray.

To the folks in the crowd that night … thank you for playing along and making it fun for everyone.

To my fellow roasters – Joe Sorge, Liz Strauss, Dave Murray, Troy Janisch, Jeff Willinger, Amber Naslund, Rob Hatch, Chris’s boyhood friend Gary Soucy – You guys were flat awesome. Thank you for being brave, being fun and playing along. Though I’m disappointed you didn’t go after me harder. Heh.

To C.D. Vann, who had the idea and put the whole thing in motion months ago … I loved the idea then, I loved participating in it and I love that we had so much fun patting Chris on the back (and butt) a bit.

To Chris’s family — Kat, Steve and Diane especially — thank you for sharing him with us. And thanks for being a good sport in what could have been a real uncomfortable environment.

And to Chris — Thanks for letting us do this. Despite my screw ups, it was a lot of fun and I hope we made you feel special, buddy.

If I missed anyone, it wasn’t intentional. Thank you!

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Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Alonzobodden

     Definitely credit where credit is due Jess asked me to do tis and I loved doing it for her. Notice I said for her not doing her although I’m sure I’d love that too. Uh oh, let me stop now this is how Arnold got in trouble. Love ya Jess, great work

    • THE Alonzo Bodden commented on my blog. Awesomesauce. Thanks, dude. And
      thanks for doing the video!

    •  Zo! I love you too funny man! You are ALL kinds of awesome! Thanks again for participating, not just in the video, but in my life.  ALSO glad you got to connect here with Jason Falls…he is a hoot-and this website has TONS of cool info about SM.  I better clear up that SM is Social Media, cause I can imagine what you’re thinking. xo

  • thanks Jason…honestly, I don’t feel worthy of this. I wanted just to say thanks and let you know that I am so grateful to know YOU. We all get going during the days….and are so busy that we forget to tell others what they mean to us and how they contribute to our lives.
    It is obvious to us but we just forget that it might not be obvious to them SO here is yours….You make a difference in my life and so many others. You make me smile because you are silly. I can only imagine how amazing your wife and children are, they are SOOO lucky to have you. It must be so fun at your house like ALL the time. You could be a stand up comedian in a heartbeat. You are an incredible talented writer. You got such great taste in music. You have a way or making other people around feel comfortable and good about themselves. I love that you love God and do not hesitate to embrace that. You got a style that is all your own, meaning you are one of kind cool!
    I am glad to know you…look forward to the years to come and working on ANY project you ever needed. You are a “brother form another mother” to me!
    My 3 simples rules for life: Trust God, Clean House(internally) and Help Others!”Of myself I am nothing God Doeth the Work!”

    • You’re an angel. Thank you for all your work. It’s not necessary to say all those nice things about me, but thank you. A ton. 

  • Jessica is one of the coolest and kindest people I’ve been blessed to know. She is truly
    passionate about helping other people. I can personally attest to this; Jessica helps me generously every single day – I’m amazed at her energy, honesty and her sincere desire to make the journey more comfortable for those she touches.
    You’re very lucky to have had her on your team to make Chris’ roast a killer success. Props to Jess, to you Jason, and to everyone involved!


    • TOE-BEYYYY thank you! You take my breath away so many times during the day that I almost feel a little awkward saying that. Just all the positive energy you dish out to those around you. I keep thinking I am gonna wake up and your going to realize that I am no where near the cool factor you are. Did you ever see Breakfast Club? In high school, college I was perceived at Molly Ringwalds character purely on the way I look but I am SO THE GEEK and Ally Sheedys Bag lady/hot mess character. 
      anyways…I am whats I am and it’s ALL I know how to be. 
      “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Colossians 3:23

    • Thank you, Tobey! You’re 100% right about Jess. She rocks. Appreciate you stopping by. 

  • Jason, it’s great to see you give Jessica recognition. She told me she had a fun idea for the roast and I know she spent quite a bit of time to line up and collect many of the clips. It turned out great and I was honored to be included. Jessica is terrific at what she does, and best of all she really loves it! Kudos to all involved!

    • Terri…you were hilare in the vid! you are such a rockstar. I am so blessed to know you. like just absolutely praise the lord that you are in my life.

      Thanks for your help with this. 

    • Thanks, Terri. You were awesome. Very funny. And I can’t thank you enough for helping us make Chris’s night fantastic. Glad we’re connected now. 

  •  Jessica is amazing, and you’re humbled by doing this, great job. Love both of ya 

    •  hey sunshine! how you doing hunny bunny! miss you love you….I hate that we are on opposite time zones….two ships passing in the night. anyways thanks! 
      Jason is very humble and I am grateful to know him!


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