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Emphasizing The Uniqueness Of Your Brand On Social Media
Emphasizing The Uniqueness Of Your Brand On Social Media

Increasing one’s brand awareness is one of the most common reasons why businesses use social media, and for a good reason – it is hard to imagine a better way to get noticed in our Facebook- and Twitter-obsessed age. However, many companies have only the most basic understanding of what they have to do to achieve this goal – so in this article, we will cover the most important aspects of demonstrating how unique your brand is.

Put some effort into your logo

Many small business owners are too preoccupied with other aspects of their enterprise to pay much attention to their logos. Quite often, they either draw something generic themselves (today there are plenty of tools that give you this opportunity) or hire a self-proclaimed expert to design something related to their industry, with equally uninspired results. By doing so, they forgo the use of one of the most powerful branding tools. If you manage to create a memorable logo and reflect your brand’s philosophy, you will ensure that people will recognize your company wherever they encounter it. While those who see it for the first time will immediately get what you are about

Be consistent

It is probably the most important point here. Whatever channels you use, you have to be consistent and recognizable across all of them. Even if the social media service you use has shop functionality, the majority of people interacting with your profile will not make a purchase right away. Most of them will (hopefully) take notice of your brand and move on. Your purpose is to make them remember you whenever they reencounter your brand, be it on- or offline. This means using the same logo, color palette and other brand aspects everywhere: on the website of your company, in your profiles on other social media resources, in your blog, in the design of your brick-and-mortar store if you have one. You should go as far as to design custom boxes using your color palette with your immediately visible logo. This way, people will be reminded of you even when they encounter passers-by taking your store’s products. 

Develop your unique brand voice

Your brand should be unique and recognizable not just visually, but linguistically as well. When your customers, current and potential, interact with your business, they should always see texts written in the same style, with the same approach, as if they are written by the same person. Whether you react to people’s comments on social media or post an update on your profile, your brand should be recognizable.

This voice is determined by the product or service you sell as well as the demographics of your primary customer base, so it helps to imagine your brand as a person and try to think about what kind of language this person would use.

Tell a story

Human brains are hard-wired to like stories, and you can use it to your benefit. Do not just tell your audience how fantastic your product or service is – tell a compelling story instead. Not only will it attract their attention (for the majority of branded content they encounter on social media and the Internet, in general, is different), but also create an association between your brand and the story in their conscience. Stories are much easier to remember than raw, unstructured information – so make use of it!

Do Not Be Afraid to Be Weird

When all is said and done, the truth is that most content by most brands in any given industry is very similar. It is only natural that banks and other financial institutions tend to use blue colors in their design, as blue is commonly associated with stability and safety. It is only expected that hardware stores use logos with some combination of hammers, cogs or sawblades, because what else are they supposed to use? Your purpose here is to go against the grain and be wildly different from the majority of businesses in your line of work. It may be a completely unexpected logo built around some industry-related pun, an unusual color palette or just plain weird and immediately recognizable style. The reason why it works is simple – we tend to pay attention to everything that falls out of the pattern, everything that does not seem to follow the same rules as everything else.

Connect with Influencers

Another way to emphasize your brand’s uniqueness is to build a strong association between it and social media influencers related to your industry. Suppose your audience sees you not just as yet another brand but a brand working together with X, where X is a person with a reputation of integrity and experience in the given industry. In that case, you have much greater chances to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, there is much more to building up your brand on social media – but these tips will help you build a solid foundation for future work.

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