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Exploring Social Media Measurement: Radian6
Exploring Social Media Measurement: Radian6

My recent trip to Canada offered me the opportunity to sit down and learn about one of the fastest growing social media measurement firms on the market, Radian6. In an effort to share some insight into them, I visited with CEO Marcel Lebrun for this little video to show you more about them.

I found Radian6 through Twitter as David Alston, their VP of Marketing, who messaged me when mentioning social media measurement. They’re growing fast and for good reasons: A good product and great people working on it.

And in an effort of disclosure and fairness, Radian6 is the measurement firm we chose for one of our clients, so there is a professional relationship between them and my agency. My hope, however, for the purposes of SocialMediaExplorer.com, is that I will pay similar visits to or with other interested measurement firms. (If yours is interested, let’s work out the logistics!)

CREDITS: Thanks to David Alston for doing the camera work. (I don’t have a Scobel schlep yet.)

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at JasonFalls.com.
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  • Thanks Sonia! I agree with your assessment as well. Nice post over there on Passage Communications!

  • Great post and video Jason! I also had a good experience with Radian6 and think they’re product has tremendous value to the industry.

  • Thanks Paul. It’s amazing what a 2-3 questions, a camera and a smart CEO can to do give your blog good content. Point them our way. We’d love to have them. And good luck narrowing down your firm of choice! Let us know how it turns out. We’d love to hear who you pick and why.

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  • Great video Jason, thanks for sharing your insights on Radian6. Their team and tools look like a very comprehensive, powerful solution. I’ll point visitors on my post about evaluating buzz monitoring tools (http://www.techpaulogy.com/2008/01/evaluating-buzz.html) over in this direction for more info. Cheers!

  • Borrow away my good man. I’m flattered you would!

  • Very nice work Jason and David. I fully intend on “borrowing” this video for placement at Online Marketing Blog (with attribution of course).

  • Connie — Thanks for the note. I’m glad Radian6 has been able to help quantify and qualify the Frozen Pea effort. They certainly have a spirit of helpfulness which makes them very attractive to agencies and brands looking for a measurement partner. They are, as we say in the South, good people.

  • Jason, thanks for the video and the opportunity to again thank Marcel & Radian6 for providing social media monitoring for the Frozen Pea Fund. Radian6 is helping us keep tabs on who is talking about peas — and I don’t know how we’d keep up with it otherwise. We are now looking at using this service for other clients.

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  • Hey there Jason, thanks for posting this. It’s too bad I didn’t know how to use a video camera eh, especially the focus button :-) I guess I won’t expect a call from Spielberg to help with his next movie.

    Hope to see you back when it’s warmer. We’ll have to get out some 4-wheelers or maybe some rockclimbing in my home town :-)

  • Marcel — Hey! How’d you know I posted something? Oh yeah. It’s kinda what you do. Heh.

    Thanks for having me. We had a blast in so many ways. New Brunswick is a dandy place. I can’t wait to come back when it’s actually warm there!

  • Hi Jason. Thanks so much for doing this interview. We are really excited to be working with you and Doe Anderson it was a pleasure to get to know you better during your visit.

    I also look forward to your next Daily Idea video (shh, I won’t spoil it).


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