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Facebook Admin Upgrades Good For Some, Not All
Facebook Admin Upgrades Good For Some, Not All

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest offering from my friend and client, Peter Heffring. He is the CEO of Expion, a social media management solution, and one of the smartest businessmen I know. He also happens to know a lot about Facebook and how brands can manage it.

As many of you know, Facebook released some major features recently to assist with multiple admins on pages and the long awaited ability to schedule a post up to six months out or every 15 minutes if you please — that doesn’t mean you can get all spammy on us!

These features have been heavily anticipated and are long overdue for administrators as Facebook looked to improve the page management functions.   Small businesses and brands with clear job roles will find these admin features immensely useful in tasking out responsibilities and tracking workflow.

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But what if you have 10 or even 100’s of page administrators to keep track of over 100’s of Facebook pages? Facebook’s new admin features aren’t really getting you excited, eh?

Large brands with complex organizational hierarchies need scalable Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) with customizable features for content planning and approval tracking; conversation and fan management; analytics and trending; monitoring and listening; competitive benchmarking and insights; customizable governance; and lest I forget – social media attribution.  Facebook has created every small business’s dream but there is still much to be desired based upon reports by industry analysts.

Jeremiah Owyang, from Altimeter, reports that the average business has 178 social accounts with 30 of those accounts typically being Facebook pages. Expion often hears from fortune 500 clients that the business challenge is not how to manage so many accounts, but how do you manage the peoples’ day-to-day responsibilities?  A large multi-location company could easily have over 5000 unique users on a single platform, touching 1000’s of Facebook pages.   All of these tasks will not fit neatly into 5 defined administrative roles. Large enterprises need HR tracking, accountability metrics and aggregated analytics to effectively manage social business.

Large brands and corporations will still seek out more.  Other innovative SMMS features that are still needed are:

Globalization:  Content planning, sharing and analysis in native language with user geo-locking over multiple brands, agencies, and countries

Data Aggregation:  The ability to post and aggregate across local pages, multiple channels and consumer conversations will still be a requirement to stay on top of their social voice

Paid Earned Owned Optimization: Real-time digital ecosystem analytics (web, social, mobile) to improve content creation, engagement, targeting and ad performance

The great thing about Facebook providing these enhancements is the push it gives to the social media software space.  Using a SMMS tool isn’t necessary for every company.  However, if your company requires governance beyond just the Facebook channel, there are plenty of options out there.  Just be sure that Facebook doesn’t already meet your needs.

Peter Heffring, CEO of ExpionPeter Heffring is CEO of Expion, a social software company that empowers retailers, brands and agencies to localize and manage their social marketing efforts. Founded in 2009, the SMMS company is privately held and headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. Peter is a software engineer with a passion for coding – in fact he spends 30% of his time working on Expion’s  SMMS development. Follow Peter @pheffring and learn more about Expion SMMS solutions at www.expion.com.

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  • Valerie Deveza

    Recent changes in Facebook administration really made
    Facebook a better social media platform for small businesses.  These changes enabled them to make better
    interactions online.  But more complex
    organizations will definitely need more. 
    There’s really no one-size-fits-all solution, but good to know that
    somehow, some things are being addressed to make Facebook a better place to be


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