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Facebook Puts On Its Business Hat
Facebook Puts On Its Business Hat

Advertising on Facebook used to be a pain. The interface was clunky and complicated, as was the actual allocation of any ad spending. It seems that Facebook has paid attention to feedback from its users and, finally, simplified its advertising process.

With the recent roll out of the new Facebook for Business hub, it seems that Facebook has definitely decided to strap on its business hat, and strap it on firmly.

Post IPO Facebook has been an interesting creature to observe. Facebook has made leaps and bounds towards monetizing it’s 1 billion+ user base, it seems this recent roll out, along with the new mobile app love, is yet another big step toward realizing it’s monetization strategy. Not only this, but the new interface is a great development for any SEO Company or business owner looking to get their hands on a simplified method of managing social ad spending.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

I love simplicity. As a business owner, simplicity is something I’ve come to cherish above anything else. Time is a commodity, and one that’s in short supply. Naturally, this development for me is fantastic.

A ton of small business owners still struggle with social and see it as a waste of time

Likewise this is a great development for small business owners in general. The move toward a simplified advertising platform is going to save time and encourage more users to begin spending their bucks on Facebook. A ton of small business owners still struggle with social and see it as a waste of time; this is definitely a step in the right direction to ensuring this previously skeptical audience begins to rethink their opinion.

Previously, to advertise on Facebook, you had to delve into ‘ad units’ and all sorts of detail to configure your ad correctly. Naturally, this is something that is going to turn off a lot of small business owners, the obvious targets of this development.

The new advertising platform is objective focused and it looks to be a hell of a lot simpler. To start the process, you’re now presented with a list of objectives, ranging from website conversions to app installs, which personally I think is awesome.

FB Ads

How Does This Make Me Bucks?

As business owners, social media agencies, seo companies, whatever, the name of the game is still, and always has been, self-interest.

The significance of the new advertising platform is simple. It empowers your Joe Bloggs business owner with limited social knowledge to dive into Facebook and start putting his page to work. Granted it isn’t a miracle cure by any means, but it is certainly a step in the right direction to bridging the knowledge gap between small business owner and social success.

Generally social ad spending would fall under the remit of a paid social media manager, or agency. Granted there will be socially savvy business owners out there, but there has been a huge knowledge gap for many that up to this point, has been hard to bridge.

For small business owners with consumer facing businesses, this is great news. Facebook is a platform with tremendous potential for those in the consumer goods industries. I can see this being very beneficial for restaurants, café’s, small ecommerce outfits, independent stores, and local businesses.

To my knowledge this new advertising platform has been recently rolled out in the U.S and is en route to the rest of the world soon. For the full update, and to begin taking advantage of the new ad platform, check out the full story at Facebook’s Business Centre.

Are you going to be taking advantage of this new development? Let me know via Google+ if you’re already taking advantage of this new development or plan to in the future!

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