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Five Blogs Worth Reading
Five Blogs Worth Reading
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

Perhaps it was my Monday exploration of Google Reader trends. Perhaps I’m inspired by (nay, copy-catting) Amber Naslund’s recent post, What I’m Reading, Vol. 1. But I want to make sure Twitter isn’t the only place I tip a cap to some good bloggers I’ve been reading of late. Consider this a bit of an extension of Follow Friday on Twitter. In the era when industry watchers are declaring blogs dead, These are five blogs I enjoy reading and why.

Louis Gray – | RSS Feed

Louis’s blog is billed as a, “Silicon Valley Blog for early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and Mac freaks.” And it delivers on those promises. Louis is very smart and takes gadget blogging well beyond just that. He’s quickly becoming a go-to commentator on social media, technology trends and tools.

Louis’s latest posts include:

Mark Schaefer – {grow} | RSS Feed

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark in person recently and I’m glad I did. Not only is he a fellow West Virginia Mountaineer, but has some fantastic experience and insights on the marketing world, particularly with respect to the B2B space. He’s also a teacher – adjunct professor at Tusculum College – and brings a bit of the how-to vibe to what he shares as well. Besides, he called Kim Kardashian a “Twitter-pie.” Well worth the subscription.

Mark’s latest posts include:

The Ad Contrarian – The Ad Contrarian | RSS Feed

I know who authors the Ad Contrarian as I’m sure many do, but I’ve also heard him say he’d prefer his clients not know he blogs, so I’ll respect that and just refer to him as a crotchety old bastard who’s funny as hell. The author is the CEO of a west coast ad agency. He’s a social media skeptic, but with the title of his blog, you’d expect him to be. He’s actually contrarian about a lot of stuff which is sad if you take what he writes too seriously. I’m sure he doesn’t. I don’t and he makes me laugh a lot.

Ad Contrarian’s latest posts include:

Ricardo Bueno – Social Media Strategies For Real Estate | RSS Feed

Ribeezie (a/k/a Ricardo Bueno) has done something really smart, in a sense, by putting his stake in the ground and going after the real estate market as a social media consultant and thinker. I love the fact he’s boiled it down to a niche vertical in a niche industry. It takes vision and guts. But Ricardo is not just a real estate industry blogger. He’s a smart, up-and-comer in the social media space. He’s got a ton of energy and the kind of attitude that tells you he’ll be around in the industry a while.

Ricardo’s latest posts include:

Tom Fischer – The Bourbon Blog | RSS Feed

What fun would it be if I just did social media blogs, right? Tom Fischer is a broadcasting pro and a hell of a guy who happens to love bourbon. He’s spent a lot of time and effort revamping The Bourbon Blog recently and produces some great content. Because he’s a broadcast journalist by trade, his videos and interviews are high quality for some ole’ bourbon blog. He’s created kind of a third party home of bourbon online for the masses, not just the grizzled bourbon nutters. And if you like bourbon, or may want to explore, you ought to subscribe to it. And while one of his latest posts is about one of my clients, I’ve hung out with Tom and know him pretty well. I’d plug him and I read him regardless of his fondness for certain brands.

Tom’s latest posts include:

Those are five of my faves. Please share some of yours in the comments section.

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