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Five Reasons Plurk Is Better Than Twitter And Vice-Versa
Five Reasons Plurk Is Better Than Twitter And Vice-Versa

I can’t stand new social media tools. Actually, that’s not true. I just don’t like it when people jump on the bandwagon of something that winds up being just another empty social network and password I can never remember when I want to finally go and close down the account.

Plurk, the logoSo just in time for everyone’s britches to get sideways and uncomfortable over Twitter’s foul-ups and failures, here comes the commando microblogging platform of the moment in Plurk.

And the lemmings ran right off the cliff.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. No one plummeted to their death over Plurk. But you certainly couldn’t walk through the knee-deep drool for a couple of days.

Honestly, I refused. I was confident then and am confident now that Twitter’s problems are mostly behind them, they’ll turn on the ability to send and not just read via IM soon and our microblogging soup de jour will be back to normal. Plurk was just the next Pownce in my mind. Still is to a certain degree.

But I owe it to the mission of this blog and its readers to explore the social media landscape, including tools I may not prefer. So here are five reasons Plurk is better than Twitter and five Twitter is better than Plurk.

Why Plurk Is Better Than Twitter

  1. Threaded Conversations
    How cool is it to have an entire comment string attached to one post? It is true microblogging with each microblog having its own comments section.
  2. Better Friend Management
    I don’t set my Twitter to auto-follow anyone who follows me. As such, I get the notification emails, which I’d rather turn off, click through to the person’s profile, click follow, click through to turn notifications on, etc. Plurk lets me just click “Add as Friend” down a list of new folks following me. It’s like God said, “Hey Plurk. Twitter royally screwed this up. Here’s an idea for ya.”
  3. Cliques
    For the record, cliques in small town high schools is precisely why, in certain circumstances, it’s perfectly fine to set someone’s hair on fire. But they’re cool in Plurk because you can pull out timelines featuring just folks in your town, at your office, in certain industries and with certain physical features for which you have fetishes.
  4. User Interface
    Gotta love Ajax. The fact you can navigate around and do what you need to do administratively without ever truly leaving the page makes the UI AOK.
  5. Improved Name Association
    Come on, be honest. How many of you have said you “Twitter” and had a co-worker, friend or parent think you just announced to the restaurant that you play with yourself? At least when you say you’ve “Plurked” everyone will look on the ground for the chunk of steak you coughed up.

Why Twitter Is Better Than Plurk

  1. Everyone Is Already There
    Who did you add to your friends when you first signed up for Plurk? Your Twitter followers. How long will it take for the irony to kick you in the groin?
  2. Avatars Mean Something
    As many faults as Twitter has, I see the avatar of the person posting or to whom I’m replying. For me — someone who admittedly has a little trouble with placing names sometimes, that’s important. The avatars on my video editing software timeline that is Plurk are too damn small.
  3. Third Party Apps
    Okay, I’ll admit this one is kinda lame since Twitter is only 460 Internet years older than Plurk, but it’s my blog, so deal with it.
  4. Color Schemes
    Baby blue and burnt sienna, or whatever the hell that brown is, don’t go together. And I’m not exactly a fashionista, I just know better. Twitter is better because you can change your background and you don’t have to have the high score on social Galaga to do so.
  5. Karma Is Stupid
    I don’t need a points system to tell me I’m worthwhile any more than I need Amanda Chapel to tell me I’m not.
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