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Is Follow Adder a Scam? Our Review
Is Follow Adder a Scam? Our Review

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to grow your Instagram following, then take a look at Follow Adder and these 14 alternatives to see which ones you’d like to try. For best results, use them one at a time.

Top Follow Adder Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. Ampfluence
  4. Leogram
  5. Growthoid
  6. Gramista
  7. Hyperplanner
  8. Stellation Media
  9. Social Mortal
  10. Instajool
  11. Boostly
  12. GramGrowing
  13. Falcon Social
  14. Firing Table

What Is Follow Adder?

Foller Adder is an automated social networking Instagram management software. It claims to help you save time and money by building your instagram network on autopilot.

With it, you can get real Instagram followers, schedule automated photo posts, automate liking, commenting, and more. You can filter activity by location, hashtags, and more. You can also find and create lists of users what she can export to other applications.

Software is available for Mac, windows, and multiple versions of Linux software.

Features of Follow Adder

Follow Adder makes it easy to maximize your reach with Instagram promotion. One of the biggest features is the ability to schedule your Instagram posts in advance so that you can ensure your content goes live at a time when your audience is most active.

Follow Adder also allows you to quickly and easily run contests to help you gain new followers and increase brand exposure. It makes it easy to follow users who are following relevant accounts keep your audience targeted to your niche.

Beyond following and unfollowing users, there is an automated photo Liker and commenter so you can increase your profiles traffic invisibility by automatically liking or unliking Instagram photos.

Beyond username and hashtag search, you can use photo search, geolocation search, and even comment search to help you find users to engage with.

The automated direct messaging feature allows you to import a list of direct messages and thank you messages that can be sent automatically to all of your followers over a. Of time or check for new followers to send a thank you message to.

 With the right plan, you can manage multiple Instagram profiles from a single software installation. This is useful for Brands to have multiple Instagram profiles or social media managers who are handling multiple Instagram accounts.

The program options are fully customizable. There is a whitelist that helps you ensure profiles are never unfollowed as well as a blacklist that ensures those profiles are never followed. You can easily ignore users with private profiles or default pictures. You can set a time delay for automated actions so they appear more natural. Proxy use is supported and you have access to a full activity log to view all of the steps they program performed.

Follow Adder Plans and Prices

Follow Adder has five different plans ranging in price from 49.99 for a 6 month membership to $425 for a 6 month membership. This breaks down to $8.33 per month to $70.83 per month.

The starter plan allows you to manage a single Instagram profile but all features are included along with free support and free software updates. With the Premium plan, you can manage up to three Instagram profiles. The professional plan allows you to manage up to 5 Instagram profiles. the agent plan allows you to manage 10 Instagram profiles and the publicist plan allows you to manage 25 Instagram profiles.

The only thing that changes from one plan to the next is the number of Instagram accounts you can manage.

Pros and Cons


  • Features don’t change from plan to plan.
  • Transparency about packages and pricing
  • Comes with a seven day money back guarantee


  • Requires you to download software
  • Use may lead to your account being banned
  • Questionable quality of followers
  • Must purchase six months worth of service at a time

Final Thoughts

Follow Adder seems like it could be a decent idea because of how much it allows you to automate. However focusing too much time and effort on Instagram automation could be bad for your brand. Customers want to know that someone is there and actively paying attention to the account. Relying on automatic comments and direct messages means that your responses have to be fairly generic to make sense. Another Option is to (click link here) purchase automatic followers which is a service that will deliver 25 followers everyday to your account for $14 per month

While using automation at a fairly slow paced won’t alert Instagram to the fact that you are using a bot, it is important to also take time to manually interact with your audience.

Let’s move on to look at some Instagram tools that may offer better and faster results than Follow Adder.

1. ViralRace

With ViralRace, you can buy real and engaged followers, high-quality views, and likes. The platform pushes your content to real users who are already known to like content that’s like yours because of this, the platform can rapidly generate likes and followers for your account.

Depending on your preference and social media goals, you can opt for gradual or instant delivery. It’s also possible to invest in automatic likes that are delivered immediately upon posting.

ViralRace is the leading engagement marketplace for influencers and businesses who want to build social proof to grow their audience and attract brand deals.

2. YoViral

YoViral is another service that makes it easy to buy real Instagram followers, likes, and views for your stories and videos.

Investing in a monthly plan means the platform will detect any new content uploads within 30 seconds and friend likes automatically. Mega influencers and brands are already using your viral to their advantage.

There are no daily post limits so you can receive a steady flow of likes to new content automatically no matter how much you post everyday. Getting started with the service only takes a few seconds because all you have to do is add your username and select your plan. Your order will be delivered according to your preference either immediately or gradually in stages.

3. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth platform that does not rely on the use of bots. They use real humans to do everything you would normally do on your Instagram account on your behalf. As a result, you’ll pay more for this type of service then you would for other services.

Prices start at over $100 a month, which makes it unattainable for many smaller accounts and businesses. Plus, you are giving your Instagram password to the agency to act on your behalf, and there is always some risk involved with that.

4. Leogram

Leogram is an AI-powered bot that you can use to automate your liking, following, and unfollowing. The algorithm attracts people to your page, by liking content and following users for you.

People get a notification that you liked your their photo or followed them, so they come back to check out your Instagram page. If they enjoy your profile activity, they start to follow you, like your posts, and even leave comments on your posts.

This ensures you get real followers in a fraction of the time it would take you to do all of the work on your own. There are a number of plans available. You can use the service for as little as 14 days to as long as 360 days. With a 30-day plan, you’ll get five days of service for free. With the 360 day plan, you’ll get 60 days of service for free.

5. Growthoid

Growthoid is a completely manual growth service for Instagram, so this means that they’re completely safe for you to use. The great news is that they’re authentic and genuine, and their followers are completely active and real.

Don’t worry – these guys don’t go anywhere near things like automation or bots. What’s pretty amazing about them is that there aren’t too many companies like this out there, so you need to make the most of them before they’re gone. They offer a premium service for everyone, so try them out right now.

6. Gramista

Gramista is a Instagram automation tool that guarantees authentic new followers and engagement. The system is built on reciprocal engagement so that you gain real, active followers. They promise the engagement they provide on your behalf will be human-like and natural. Using filters such as hashtags, locations, gender, and account types, you can choose the target audience you want the platform to engage with.

You also have the option to use Smart Mode which allows artificial intelligence to behave as though a human is using the account.

This approach allows it to randomly run scripts, track accounts followed and unfollowed, and interact with your target audience. It will even like comments on your behalf with users who match your selected criteria.

7. Hyperplanner

Hyperplanner is another Instagram growth platform agency. Pricing starts at $149 a month but instead of using a bot, the company uses real humans to research your brand and target audience to help you grow organically with a highly targeted audience of real Instagrammers.

You also have the freedom to change your targeting it anytime if you are not happy with the results you’re getting.

8. Stellation Media

Stellation media is a Instagram growth platform that focuses on your Instagram stories.

Though many growth platforms focus on growing your followers through liking and commenting on their posts, this uses the approach of viewing stories that are from the accounts that match the target audience you’re after.

And all you have to do is connect your account on the dashboard and choose the target audience you want. After Stellation Media views their stories, the Instagrammer will be able to see that you watched it, and your account can watch thousands of stories in a short period of time so it encourages users to follow and engage with you.

9. SocialMortal

Social model is an agency style approach to Instagram growth. They promised to use only real humans and do not use but to grow your account. The first step is to give them a bit of information about your ideal audience. They will use it to research and Target those users making sure they bring the right followers to you.

They engage with these users to get their attention, either by following them or liking their content to bring them to your Instagram account. You are assigned to an account manager who is responsible for helping you grow your account based on location and user targeting. You’ll get access to growth reports as you go along.

10. Instajool

Instajool is an Instagram bot that is easy to use and full of features. It supports nearly all platforms and devices available and does not require you to download any software. Plus, you can easily manage up to 100 different profiles. With Instajool, you can schedule posts in advance and fully control the system.

You can use it to handle promotion such as following and unfollowing users, liking posts, comments, and direct messages. Best of all, it comes with a free 3-day trial so you can see how it works before you commit to making a purchase.

11. Boostly

The Boostly platform conducts research to generate a list of competitors, blog Pages, or lifestyle pages that are similar to your account. Then, uses that list to Target users who are best aligned with your target audience.

From there, they take a look at the most engaged users within those Target accounts to determine who is actively liking and commenting on media posted by those accounts.

This approach ensures they are only interacting with people who are predisposed to be interested in your content and actively using Instagram. After that, they engage with those users to drive them to your page and encourage them to follow you.

12. GramGrowing

When you sign up with GramGrowing, you’ll first have a consultation where you help the staff understand your audience and goals to allow them to create a customized strategy. You’ll work together on your account to engage with your target audience.

Consistent social interactions allows the platform to connect with the right audience and help you organically grow your following. If you do your job creating content and they do theirs, you’ll see amazing follower growth fast.

13. Falcon Social

Falcon Social is an Instagram bot. When you sign up with the platform, you will start with a one-on-one consultation with a marketing expert. You’ll provide the company with information during the consultation that will be used to fine tune the bots audience filtering and engagement methods.

Investing in a premium or a pro plan allows you to get posting recommendations and performance reviews at any time either over the phone or via email. These reviews help keep your strategy in line with your goals.

14. Firing Table

FiringTable is among the most affordable Instagram automation services. You can choose to focus on basic Instagram account promotion by following and unfollowing users or you can take your automation strategy even further to handle direct messages and comments.

fNo matter which plan you sign up for, you will be assigned to a dedicated account manager who meets with you to learn more about your brand and the kind of accounts you want to target. This approach ensures you build the audience you’re looking for.

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