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Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks

Today is the second annual celebration of Tweetsgiving. The initiative raised money to build a classroom in Tanzania last year. The effort is expanding this year, but will again benefit the same school in Tanzania, among other initiatives driven by Epic Change, the organizing body, and participating folks who wish to drive donations or attention to their own causes.

2008 Tweetsgiving Classroom featuring Twitter handles of contributors on the walls.
2008 Tweetsgiving Classroom featuring Twitter handles of contributors on the walls.

Danny Brown, originator of the 12 For 12K Challenge and charitable effort, asked me to participate. Certainly I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. All he asked me to do was make sure you were aware of Tweetsgiving with a post, expressed what I was thankful for and used the hashtag #tweetsgiving throughout the week to remind folks of the important work we can all do if we rally around a good cause. Social media can be awfully good sometimes.

All that said, it’s hard for me to know where to start when thinking of what I’m thankful for. The happiness and health of my children and wife is atop the list. My family and friends, clients and colleagues … the fantastic people that color my life — all there, too. I’m thankful my business decisions this year have proven fruitful and seem to have the potential to continue to support me and my family. I’m thankful for the community building around my church and son’s school that will likely be the anchor of our lives for the next 20 years or more.

I’m thankful for the wonderful people who read my blog, tell others about it and help keep my thoughts and opinions about the social media and public relations space relevant to more people than they probably should be. I’m thankful for my friends/followers/fans on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. You enrich my experiences daily.

I’m thankful for people like Danny Brown, Geoff Livingston and Dave Delaney who have made a habit out of using social media for good. These guys, and those like them, make us all better just by being themselves.

I’m thankful for people who have made sacrifices for us. My friend Chad, soon to deploy for a tour of duty in Afghanistan because the 21 months he spent in Iraq wasn’t enough. My Grandfather, who spent three weeks in France in World War II, then three years in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., before recovering and living 50 more years with one leg and unmentionable pain and discomfort for his service.

I’m thankful for my mother, who raised me by herself for much of my childhood. I could thank her everyday as long as I live and it wouldn’t be enough.

I’m thankful my friend Garry is doing better after knocking on death’s door recently. I’m going to be even more thankful the next time I get to hug him.

I could go on. Couldn’t we all?

Each of us have an immeasurable amount to be thankful for. It’s sad that it takes a holiday or two each year to remind us of that. We should think about those things every day. But at least we do recognize it from time to time.

Danny and the rest of the Tweetsgiving gang would be honored if you donated a bit to their cause. I would certainly be thankful for that, too. Even if you can’t give a few dollars, share the link with your friends. Remind them that we have so much that others don’t. If anything, use this week to remind you that it’s a good idea to share a bit of what we do have with them.

At least go read the story and watch the videos. It’ll give you a sense of pride that all of us together can do a hell of lot of good. And that’s something we can all be thankful for, too.

Here’s hoping you’re week is exceptional. Thank you for reading.

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