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Is Gramista a Scam? Our Review
Is Gramista a Scam? Our Review

When it comes to gaining Instagram followers,
automation is the most effective tool to use. Not only will you gain followers,
it will increase engagement and save you time. Managing your Instagram should
be easy, not adding extra work.  Before
checking out any service, there are a few things to remember. Know who your
audience is, it helps to narrow it down so that you are not boosting numbers
with people likely to unfollow.

Know your budget and stick with it. You can
even use multiple services if they fit your budget and covers all your needs.
Think of questions to ask the service before you sign up, it’s better to get
answers before you get frustrated. Lastly, always take advantage of free
trials. You want to know how well the service works before a commitment.

Now let’s take a look at Gramista and 17 alternatives that will boost your Instagram presence.

Top Gramista Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. BuyIGLikesFast
  4. Growthoid
  5. Krootez
  6. FriendlyLikes
  7. Cheap IG Followers
  9. Zoho Social
  10. Social Buddy
  11. Instanobel
  12. Instelite
  14. FollowAdder
  15. FireStrike
  16. Followers Guru
  17. iDigic

What is Gramista?

Gramista is an automation tool that not only guarantees authentic new followers, but they will engage with your accounts.

This system uses reciprocal engagement so that you will gain real followers on Instagram. They promise that engagement will be natural and human-like, while you are busy taking care of other tasks.

Gramista Features

If you are looking for a variety of features, Gramista is your answer. You can choose your target audience through filters to find the right people. Hashtags, location, gender, and account types are among the filters that you can use. Gramista also offers Smart Mode.

When using smart mode, artificial intelligence acts as if a human is using the account. It will randomly run scripts, track accounts followed and unfollowed, and interact with your target audience. It will even like comments on your behalf with Instagram users who match your criteria.

Gramista Pros and Cons

Gramista is a great product and a few aspects
that may not fit your needs.


1. Super easy to use, anyone can learn the

2. A variety of payment plans that are
affordable and offer different features.

3. Customer support when you purchase a 30-day
plan or higher.


1. They offer a 12-hour free trial. That
doesn’t give you much time to really know if it’s the right fit. However, that
is accumulative time so if you use it for two hours a day, it will last you six

2. You cannot use it for multiple accounts.
This is limiting for people who have higher needs.

3. The customer support is not 24/7. They
offer an FAQ page to help alleviate issues. You can contact them but it may
take a while to get a resolution.

Is Gramista Safe?

When it comes to safety, Gramista can be
questionable. There are complains in several forums that their followers were
questionable. Gramista does not provide information on how they gather the
followers to your account. However, when it comes to automated activity, they
are relatively safe. The human-like artificial intelligence works well at
masking the automation.

Here are our list of alternatives that we feel
are comparable to Gramista.

1. ViralRace

ViralRace is an excellent alternative if you
are looking for a quick rise in numbers. You can buy 100% real and engaged
followers and likes and high-quality views. The platform will push content to
active Instagram users who are predisposed to like content that matches yours.

This process helps ViralRace users to rapidly
generate authentic likes and followers. ViralRace offers instant or gradual
delivery, depending on your preference. ViralRace is a leading engagement
marketplace for businesses and influencers looking to attract brand deals and
reach the discover page faster. It’s similar to our next alternative, YoViral.

2. YoViral

As mentioned above, YoViral is like ViralRace and a great option. With YoViral, you can buy 100% authentic likes and high-quality views from real Instagram users.

All are delivered immediately or at a pace you choose. If you buy a monthly plan, YoViral will detect new uploads on Instagram within 30 seconds. It then sends you authentic likes automatically.  Lightning fast response is always a bonus.

No matter how much you publish, you will get your requested amount of likes and views on each post thanks to no daily limits. YoViral is currently used by mega influencers and brands, many of which you already heard of.

With a  2-click process to get started, it takes a few seconds to order. Plug in your username and select the plan you want (depending on how many likes/views you want per post), and your order is delivered instantly or gradually.

3. Buy IG Likes Fast

If you have an Instagram and other social platforms, BuyIGLikesFast is your answer. They are integrated with Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, TikTok, and Pinterest. You can purchase followers, likes, video views, and subscribers.

They offer several payment plans and accept major credit cards or PayPal. There is also a free plan for each of the services they provide so that you can take a free sping before ordering from them to make sure if the system works for you. The Instagram packages are loaded with options but the other social media platforms are more limited.

4. Growthoid

Growthoid is a completely safe way of growing your Instagram profiles. They are completely manual, which means that they do everything with real human interactions, and they promise that all of their followers are completely real and active.

They also promise that they stay away from things like automation and bots, and look at the client as an individual. Honestly, it doesn’t really get any better than this.

5. Krootez

Krootez is an automated service that focuses only on Instagram to help you boost your engagement. You can buy likes and followers to improve your online presence. The Instagram users who follow you are real and receive a portion of profits from Krootez.

You will never have to worry about bots that could raise red flags to your account. Since they are real followers, you could lose followers on occasion. Krootez promises to replace them with new followers at no extra cost to you.

When you sign up, the system is alerted of new content posted. You will gain likes within five minutes. There are various affordable payment plans to fit your budget.

6. FriendlyLikes

If you want to be the newest influencer on Instagram, FriendlyLikes can help. You can gain Instagram likes, followers and views to give your profile the upgrade you are looking for. They are known for having a secure site, so you never have to worry about your account or payment method being compromised.

They have several price
points to help you stick to your marketing budget. Be sure to read the reviews
on their site, all are from clients that have been using the service.

7. CheapIGFollowers

If you are looking for automation without the bots, CheapIGFollowers will be the perfect fit. This service connects you with a dedicated account manager who helps your choose the required product from their list and does all the work for you. You pick your target audience and goals for your profile.

CheapIGFollowers offers to grow Instagram followers, likes or views. Their managers do all the engagement on your behalf. You can literally sit back and let them do all the work. You won’t have to provide your password to use their service – the website is safe and secure.


This bot service is
unlike other bot services. To begin with, this service is downloaded to your
computer and used from your desktop. If you are not tech savvy, don’t worry. A
guide is provided that can help you navigate setup and use and there is a
support team you can speak with.

To make the automation
undetectable, they use facial recognition to mimic human activity online. The
service will like, comment, follow, unfollow, and view stories on your behalf.
One flat fee and real users make this a successful tool to have in your pocket.

9. Zoho Social

For small to medium size businesses, PC Magazine recommends Zoho Social. You will be able to schedule posts, review analytics, and monitor your engagement.

Plans are affordable and start at just $15 a month. It’s a perfect tool for any social media manager who wants efficiency and steady growth all at once.

10. Social Buddy

Want expert social media marketers on your side? Philadelphia-based Social Buddy brings years of expertise to help you grow your Instagram following. They are especially helpful if you have multiple social media platforms.

Not only do they work with Instagram, you can include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is a personal service so there are no price points listed online. They offer you a free consultation where you can discuss your needs and goals. A price will be given to you at that time.

11. Instanobel

Instanobel is a different type of automation service. The focus is to gain real followers and real likes. They will automatically like and comment on posts from users who fit your target market.

You gain followers and likes by those who check out your profile. This is the most organic way to increase your numbers in an authentic way.

12. Instelite

Instelite is a combination of Instagram bots
and full-service. You can buy likes and followers as well as get help in other
arenas. You can even get help with content creation. You work with an account
manager to set goals and talk about who your audience is. Reviews of their
system show incredible success and clientele happiness.

Prices begin at $99 a month and go up
depending on the level of service you need. They do offer a seven day free
trial and we highly recommend trying it out. When you visit their site, a chat
box opens up and you can ask all the questions you need before you sign up for
the trial.


One of the most popular features on Instagram
are the stories. If you are looking to grow your following, the stories is a
great place to start. will watch Instagram users’
stories and leave comments and likes on your behalf. This will gain traffic to
your profile and your stories. It’s the perfect way to get authentic engagement
without a lot of work.

14. Follow Adder

Follow Adder is the automated service you need
to gain followers quickly and improve your online presence. When you sign up,
you use the keyword search tool to indicate who your audience is. Hashtags,
location, and sex are some of the options you can search.

Follow Adder looks for profiles and bios that match your searches and comments or likes on those profiles. When those users see your response, they check out your page and decide if they want to follow. You can also use the service to schedule posts.

15. FireStrike

FireStrike is the easiest tool you can find on
the market. When you set up your account, you can allow your Instagram account
to function on autopilot. It saves so much time that you won’t have to stress
over your time management skills.

They are capable of targeting any niche you
are involved or interested in. The diversity they offer is unlike any other,
making it well worth your investment.

16. Followers Guru

With Followers Guru, you can affordably buy likes and followers to boost your Instagram engagement. Plans are some of the most affordable we have seen.

The Starter package begins at $3 and goes up to $65 at the Famous level. They also offer an excellent FAQ page to get help or solve problems and their site is very secure.

17. iDigic

iDigic is an Instagram marketing service that
is all about quick results. They offer likes, views, and followers in their

They promise to provide you with real Instagram users to engage with. Delivery is instant and within five minutes, depending on the type of service you have requested.

You never have to give up your password, they just need your username to provide your needs. One thing we really like is the customer service. You will have them at your fingertips 24/7. If you need help, have questions, or there is a problem, you will get answers fast.

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