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Happy Birthday — And Not Just For Scoble
Happy Birthday — And Not Just For Scoble

Happy BirthdaySo I finally get to the point where people in the social media space I’ve networked with are friendly with me, only to have my birthday fall on the same day as Robert Scoble‘s. There will be 367 blog posts before lunchtime today wishing Scoble a happy birthday, or perhaps a happy day three at FastCompany TV, and none for me.

(I know. Waaaaaa!)

Today is, in fact, my birthday. It’s Kevin Costner’s too, but I stopped sharing that bit of information shortly after the release of “Waterworld.” If you’d like to see that joke in perfect execution and timing, you can see my Fridays With Falls entry over on The Daily Idea today.

Now, I realize this post is already dripping with self-promotion and “all about me”-ity. I’m not shy, but don’t feel quite comfortable in that mode, particularly in the social media space where self-promotion can get you on the outs with most folks. So I apologize for the above and for a couple of the links below, but promise this whole thing isn’t a Jason Falls Burlesque Review. (My, the imagery.)

For my birthday, and in the spirit of social media, I want to share. Here’s some things (one about me, the others not) I’ve been reading and seeing lately I would offer are worth your time to check out.

  1. Harry Hoover’s series on new business called, “New Business Primer.” It’s a nice, but lengthy, nine-part series. Here are links to one through eight: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9. I’m not 100-percent sure there are more parts to come, but I’m sure they’ll be worth the read. These nine have.
  2. Harry also tagged me with a meme on influence. I didn’t do a new post about it because Ike Pigott tagged me in a similar one started by Kami Hyuse back around Thanksgiving. Here’s Harry’s. Here’s my old one.
  3. Tamar’s post on the misnomer of protecting your privacy on Digg. Perhaps this is our chance to see the top Diggers and how many of them shout to one another then tell us peons shouting is not cool. Oh, how I wish I had a few more hours in a day.
  4. A cool new social news acquaintance of mine, found when he railed on something I submitted on Mixx, is a part of a new podcast over on mixxingbowl.com called Social Blend. Joe Fowler (props to another Kentucky boy representing) is one of the three voices. While at first it seems like a web geek version of sports talk radio, Greg’s rants on folks are pretty funny and they mix in some Mixx insight that might be useful for users of any experience level. I am interested to see how long it takes them to realize some of their favorite Mixx community members are the very marketers they talk about trying to keep out of it.
  5. This probably deserves an entire post, and one may come of it, but the coolest thing I found this week was Daniel Johnson Jr.’s Live Readings, a site by Todd Jordan that I found via digital friend Daniel Johnson Jr. Todd has Utterz users read prose and poetry, tag it, etc., and post it as a spoken word reading on this blog. Purely a community resource. Purely sharing an interest and a passion with the community. And using social media tools to do it. Very, very cool. Go check that out.
  6. Meebo. I’m trying it out. So far, I like it. And it might just circumvent my work firewall on IM-ing, which will be cool. (Still testing this. Don’t tell the guys downstairs!)
  7. And finally, JustFred.ca, the online community place for Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, did an interview series with me on social media. Unfortunately, their website’s multimedia gallery is not URL (and thus search) friendly, so putting links here wouldn’t work. To see the series, go to http://justfred.ca/cmine/search.php and search the term “social media.” They’re rolling out seven segments with me talking about social media. Four or five of them are already up. It was a neat opportunity to talk to a media member about the new media. Guess I should have told them about the advantages of URL-friendly multi-media posts.

IMAGE: “Birthday cake for the boys” by dee m on Flickr.
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  • Thanks for the correction, Daniel. I’ll reach out to Todd now and edit the post accordingly!


  • Hi Jason!

    I can’t take responsibility for the Live Readings project. Todd Jordan, aka tojosan on Twitter and Utterz, started the project over the holidays. Contact him and he’ll set you up so that you can contribute as well.


  • Right back atcha, Ike. Thanks!

  • Ike

    Happy Birthday, Jason. And thanks for the influence.

  • Thanks to the three of you, except you Todd. You’ve been sitting on that invite for months knowing I want to try it out. Your singing voice frightens the hell out of me and, well, I don’t like you anyway. So there.


  • Hey Jason, happy birthday!

  • Todd Earwood

    Happy Birthday! This is sooo you sharing the love on your birthday. Unlike Kevin, I’m not scared to sing and since I don’t use Utterz, maybe I’ll post to Seesmic. And as your present, I’m finally going to use my Seesmic invites and send you one.

  • Happy birthday!


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