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How Doctors Can Use Social Media and Content To Outperform Their Competition
How Doctors Can Use Social Media and Content To Outperform Their Competition

Every business in the twenty first century needs to understand the power of social media. While these platforms originated as a way of maintaining contact with pals, they have merged into vital marketing tools for almost every type of business, aiding in their advertising, commercial content and digital strategies.

But doctors have been traditionally slow to adopt online strategies, especially social media. It might have been ego, or just old school traditions that kept them off the social platforms, but you can be certain that they have taken notice of it’s effectiveness now. If you’re considering becoming a doctor, or are already a doctor, and you’re curious about how much money doctors make, you’ll get some averages for the various physician specialties. But the big difference between doctors that make a lot of money and those that stay average is the amount of energy that a given doctor gives toward marketing.

Doctors offices across the globe are now utilizing the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tap into the hidden opportunities of their target niche by using big data analytics to construct marketing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

Practices are now able to see where their online traffic comes from, where their patients have originated from and they can plot the entire online journey of their patient. Chances are, this journey begins with a visit to a social media platform or other form of online content.

Doctors Using Instagram

The power of Instagram is unique in the world of social media. It is a highly visual platform that aims to display an aspirational lifestyle with filters like Amaro and Rise helping to make images even more appealing. The grid of images that doctors create should harness the ethos of their culture. Alongside hashtags and content, images can reach a broader local market.

A doctors life may not be that glamorous, but the smart physicians are figuring out a way to attract new patients by either using shocking photos or crafting useful content.

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Marketing has taken on a whole new facet, and doctors are no exception. What was once a press advertisement or a TV commercial is now an Instagram post. Millennials use these social media platforms to communicate with their friends and it’s likely that if they’re going to refer a physician to one of their friends, it’ll be through social media.

Medical Marketing Content

Social media has introduced a new way of syndicating the content writing for a business.

Physicians can create helpful content and then distribute it to their patients or potential patients via a social media post. Most people who are looking for a doctor will first look at a doctors online reviews and then check out their social media accounts.

People want to know what kind of doctors they’re committing themselves to, and social media is a great way to get a glimpse into a doctors background.

Social Media Managers For Doctors

For many doctors, the social media management of their content isn’t very important. They choose to outsource their social media requirements to an external expert. A business could have the most aesthetically pleasing website, and yet no one knows it is there if there are no social media channels linking to it.

Social media managers link back to a business website seamlessly. They make content appear informative and engaging while still plugging a product or service. Business blogs can also be utilized and linked to social media platforms. Creating a complex web of content means that businesses are able to hit many different niches and many different demographics. This is where the digital marketing strategy comes in. Social media channels can post links to blog posts, external guest posts and third party reviews of a company product. They can be used to offer discounts, promote and launch new ideas.

Social media content can be analyzed via a range of free online open source software or applications. This can help businesses decipher which style or tone or vocabulary connects with their customer base in the most effective way. For example, perhaps an engaging Facebook post that mentions discounts will direct more traffic to a website than a link to a blog post. Or maybe a set of Instagram posts that utilize a specific hashtag are more successful in generating sales than others. Having this insight empowers businesses to adapt their content writing and SEO for the benefit of their business. Knowledge is power and tech companies are trying to bring more sophisticated data analytics to the market for all entrepreneurs.

Writing text isn’t content writing. Writing engaging words that appeal to a set demographic and harness search engine optimization goals is good content writing. Coupled with a clear social media strategy, doctors can link their marketing goals and objectives to enhance their online presence locally.

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