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How has social media changed dating?
How has social media changed dating?

Social media has revolutionized this world, and dating is one of the things it has left its most significant impact upon. The very concept of making connections took a whole new light as soon as this new era of technology dawned. 

It is crucial to be able to navigate in this new world of possibilities and potentials. There are new dangers that present themselves, as well as excellent opportunities. 

Instant connections

Social media allows for instant connections through a variety of apps. Tinder is possibly the most famous of such applications enabling you to swipe right and make a match without having to do anything. 
This method ties in with the older and more common platforms, such as Facebook. Also, on the side, many people use their Instagram, Whatsapp, or messenger to pursue relationships. 
This advance in technology has changed dating so radically. No longer does one have to go out bravely to make connections at social events, when they can find a random person online. 

Easy accessibility 

Now, once the dating process has begun, there is constant accessibility. This connection goes both ways in and out of the relationship. 
While on a date, many will continue to use their phone to keep in contact with other people. On the other hand, while you are with other friends, you can continuously be in touch with your significant other. 

Pros and Cons

The primary benefits are that it is easy to enter into a relationship. You no longer have to spend as much effort to get a date. Newer apps like Badoo have entered the market and emphasize shared interest, which is revolutionary. 

Another pro of online connections is that long-distance temporarily isn’t so much of a problem as it used to be. Skype, Facebook, and Whatsapp have removed the barriers in place. 

There are cons, however. This link from Dating Skills Masters says, “Small talk has become more important and needs to be engaging and attractive.” 

Your skills in conversations need to be excellent even to start a relationship, as that is what the other person judges you on. The first thing the potential partner will observe is your ability to start an exciting conversation. 

Saying, “Hi, how are you doing?” isn’t enough anymore. No one wants to go through the same process of asking what you are doing in a similar pattern as the ten others who failed to flirt well before you. 

Also, along with difficulty in making it past the first contact is the constant tension of options. Commitment is harder to maintain as there are many excellent options, just a text message away. 

Furthermore, as this ted-talk emphasizes, many people now keep a few people at a close distance just in case this current relationship doesn’t work out. It strengthens the possibility of infidelity within the relationship. 
Also, online, it is effortless to hide an affair of the minds. Your partner may end up seeking attention from the thousands of other easily accessible and interested dates on the internet without the strain of going through a complicated in-person process. 

Final Thoughts

Online dating is a phenomenon that has rocked our world. To do it effectively, you must be aware of the challenges presented to commitment and texting. Don’t forget to take advantage of this new openness if you are single.

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